How to Add NGL Link to Instagram Story

In this article, we will tell you how you can add NGL link to  Instagram story. So, let’s get started!

People are always curious about what other people think about them. They also want to know what they like the most about them. There are multiple apps that let you write a comment anonymously and another person can not be able to guess who commented on it. NGL is one of them and is abbreviated as Not Gonna Lie. It is trending so much that every person energetically pastes its link in an Instagram story to get the comments of different persons. But, some people might unaware of how to add a link to a story.

Add NGL Link to Your Instagram Story

Add NGL Link

You can add a link to an Instagram story by following the simple steps given below:

Download the NGL app

  1. Head to the Google Play Store / App Store and search for the NGL app, click it.
  2. Now, tap the install option to download the app.

Copy Your Link

  1. When done, open the app and enter your Instagram username.
  2. It will then generate your NGL link and then, tap the Copy link option.

Use the Link Sticker

  1. When copied, now, head to the Instagram app and tap your profile picture to add a new story.
  2. Now, use a link sticker by tapping the sticker icon (the one with the smiley face), and then, tap the link sticker.

Paste Your NGL link

  1. When done, now, you are required to paste the NGL link into a “URL” field.
  2. Now, tap the “Customise sticker text” option and choose a caption.
  3. If satisfied then, tap the Done option

Post the Story

  1. After you tap “Done”, you will see the “NGL.LINK” sticker.
  2. Finally, tap “Your story” to post the story!

Hence, you are now required to wait for your followers to send you messages. When they do, you will receive a notification via the NGL app (if turned on). To check out the messages, you are required to open the NGL app.

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That’s it! Try these steps out and enjoy reading the comments from an anonymous person. Well, we hope that you liked our interesting article How to Add NGL Link to Your Instagram Story. For any suggestions, let us know and also, share your queries in the comment box stated below.

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