How to Fix We Couldn’t Connect to Instagram

We Couldn’t Connect to Instagram

In this article, we will tell you how to fix we couldn’t connect to Instagram. So, let’s get started!

People love to use social media apps as they are getting viral day by day. Instagram is one of them as it has an easy-to-use interface and is a source of income for many people. It has several features like creating a story, reels, chit-chat, voice & video calls, dark/light mode, vanish mode, filters & effects, and so on. This app lets people sell their products online and earn their livelihood. Sometimes, there occurs an error which might get frustrating. If you are a victim then, do not get panic!

Moreover, this error occurs on a PC because the app is down or the internet connection is weak. In some cases, even if your internet connection is fine, you can’t be able to log in to Instagram. But, some workarounds might resolve the error.

Fix We couldn’t connect to Instagram

We Couldn’t Connect to Instagram

You can fix the error on Instagram by following the simple fixes mentioned below:

1. Use a VPN

The first method to resolve this error is to use a VPN. To do so, follow the simple path: head to the Chrome browser & navigate to the Chrome Web Store > now, search for “Touch VPN” and tap “Add to Chrome”. However, this VPN is a one-click-to-connect VPN with unlimited bandwidth. You can use this site anonymously, securely, and freely. Now, when done adding it to Chrome then, pin the extension, click it & tap “Connect”. Finally, you are connected to the best VPN automatically. Moreover, if using this VPN, your IP address will be masked which might resolve the error. Now, close the Instagram, open it again and try to log in to it but, this time there will be no occurrence of an error. 

2. Use a Different Internet Connection

Another method to resolve this error is to use a different network connection. In some cases, your IP address might be blocked by the app so, give a different internet connection a try. If you are using an app on a PC then, disconnect your WiFi and connect to another internet connection. By doing this, you have a new IP address and can be able to use the app again. But, make sure to force close the Instagram app before you try to log in to it again. Now, check whether the issue is resolved or not.

3. If Instagram Is Down, Wait It Out

The last but not least method to resolve this error is to wait it out. Sometimes, an error occurs because the app is down. In this case, you are required to wait for some time before trying to log in. there are two ways to check it out. 

  • To check whether the app is down or not, use the DownDetector site or click the link to reach the site directly: Simply, search for DownDetector in a search bar and click it > now, in a new window, search for Instagram & click it > check if there is a spike in the graph or not. If a spike appears then, it means the Instagram app is down. 
  • To check if the app is down is to go to the Twitter app and simply, search for Instagram down in a search bar. If there are a lot of tweets about it then, it indicates that Instagram is down.

However, in both cases, you need to be patient and have to wait until the issue gets resolved by itself. Well, when Instagram is down, it might take a few hours for the engineering team to resolve the error.

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That’s it, guys! The above-mentioned fixes will surely let you resolve the error on Instagram. Try these fixes out and tell us which one works the best. If the issue persists then, according to Instagram’s Help Center, you should try to restart your mobile device, check your internet connection, and uninstall & reinstall the app. Give these fixes a try as these might resolves all the minor errors. Well, we are done with this article How to Fix: “We couldn’t connect to Instagram”. For any queries, do let us know and also, share your reviews in the comment box mentioned below.

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