How to Fix Profile View History Not Showing on TikTok

Fix Profile View History

In this article, we will tell you how you can fix profile view history not showing on the TikTok app. So, let’s get started!!

In this present world, social media apps are getting famous day by day. TikTok is one of them as this app is a source of income for many users. People love this app because this app has an easy-to-use interface. It has several features like creating a video, likes & comments, trending content & hashtag, dark/light mode, filters & effects, and so on. You can also check the profile view history on this app but, many users are not able to view it due to some error. Well, if you are one of them then, do not get panic!

Moreover, this error occurs because you are under 16 years old or have more than 5,000 followers. So, you are required to have 16 years or above, and also, you should have less than 5000 followers to access this feature.

Fix Profile View History Not Showing on TikTok

Fix Profile View History

You can follow the following fixes to resolve this error given below:

Contact TikTok

The first and foremost method to resolve this error is to contact TikTok. You can do this by either reporting a problem or using the TikTok feedback form. To report a problem on TikTok simply, head to your profile > choose Menu > tap the Settings and privacy option > finally, choose report a problem. Now, select the appropriate help categories, tap “Need more help?” to describe your issue, and choose “Report”. Another way is to submit a TikTok feedback form. Simply, open the form > and enter your email address (linked to your TikTok account) and username. Now, choose Change account information as a topic and others as subtopic > then, describe your issue and submit the form. You need to be patient as this app will respond via email within 1 to 3 days. 

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Note: If you are under the age of 16 and do not have less than 5000 followers then, TikTok will not help you out. 

Create a New Account

Another way to fix this error is to create a new account. Alternatively, use another TikTok account that has less than 5,000 followers. To create a new account on TikTok, follow a simple path: head to the TikTok app > tap the profile icon > choose your username placed on the top navigation bar then, tap “Add account”. Now, sign up using your phone number, email address, or social media platforms. Also, make sure to set your birth date so that you are 16 years old or above.

That’s it, folks! We hope the above-mentioned fixes will surely help you to resolve the error on TikTok. Try these fixes out and enjoy using the TikTok’s feature again. Well, we are done with this article How to Fix: Profile View History Not Showing on TikTok. For any queries, do let us know and also, share your reviews in the comment box mentioned below.

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