How to Curve Text in Photoshop | Step-by-Step Guide

Curve Text in Photoshop

In this article, we will share with you the step-by-step guide to curve text in Photoshop. So, let’s get started!!

Adobe Photoshop is a computer application software (also called raster graphics editor) that is used to edit digital photos. You can edit photos via this tool as per your preference. It is the most widely used tool for photo editing, image manipulation, and retouching for numerous image and video file formats all over the globe. Its features include adding text to images, cropping photos, manipulating the color of an image, drawing the image with a pencil or pen, publishing images online or sending them via email, and so on. Many professional photographers, bloggers, and graphic designers make use of this tool to get themselves promoted on social media.

How to Curve Text in Photoshop

Curve Text in Photoshop

If you are interested in adding a curve text, you need to apply a warp text effect and choose a curve option. To do so, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Head to Photoshop on a PC and create a new image as per your choice (simply, go to the File option > then, tap New from a menu & choose your image dimensions).
  2. When a blank white page appears then, select the Text tool placed on the left sidebar (represented as T). Alternatively, use the T button on the keyboard to utilize this tool.
  3. Now, click the page where you want to add the curved text, type your text then, click the checkmark placed on the top.
  4. In the layer section placed on the right side, select a text layer created recently. If the layer section is not visible, choose Photoshop’s menu > tap Window > then, click layer.
  5. Now, at the top Photoshop interface, tap the Create Warp Text option (represented by T).
  6. When Warp text opens up, click the Style’s dropdown menu > tap Arc > then, drag the Bend slider to the left or right to make your text curved. 
  7. When satisfied, in the Warp text box, choose the Ok option.
  8. You can now the curved text on the canvas window.

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However, if you want to edit your text, click the text and remove or add characters to it. That’s it. We hope that the above-mentioned steps will surely let you have curved text on your desired image. Try these steps and enjoy using this editing tool. Well, we hope that you liked our interesting article. For any suggestions, do let us know and also, share your queries in the comment box stated below.

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