How to Set Up Search Alerts in Google Scholar

Search Alerts in Google Scholar

In this article will tell you how to set up search alerts in Google Scholar. So, let’s start setting it up!!

Google Scholar is the most widely used site for research-related purposes. Students after completing their studies do their research work with the help of this site as this site provides vast information or data related to any topic or issue. Some professors also prefer this site for their research-related work too. Also, some people take article writing as a profession and write articles for others to earn income from them.

This app is easy to access and has multiple features like searching for all scholarly literature from one convenient place, and exploring related works (i.e., citations, authors, and publications). It also keeps up with recent developments in any area of research and so on. However, you can also set up alerts in Google Scholar but, most people are unaware of how to make this task done.

How to Set Up Search Alerts in Google Scholar

Search Alerts in Google Scholar

You can make this task done by following the simple steps given below:

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  1. Head to the Google browser and sign in to your account
  2. Search for Google Scholar in a search bar and hit enter
  3. On a new window, choose the first link placed under the search bar
  4. Click the hamburger icon placed at the top left side 
  5. Choose Alerts placed on the left side of a screen
  6. A new page will open up then, choose Create Alert
  7. In the Alert query box, insert the topic you want to receive alerts on (also, your email should already be inserted into the email box)
  8. Now, choose Update results to check out search results of your interest
  9. Click the circle placed next to Most relevant results. (Also, if you want alerts on all results for that topic then, choose the circle next to All results)
  10. Finally, choose Create Alert to apply the changes

However, keep in mind you can’t always get access to free articles on Google Scholar. In some cases, you have to pay some cost to get access. Also, you can create alerts for a topic as you browse Google Scholar. On the left side of the page simply, click Create alert as it will take you to the alerts creation page directly. Moreover, if you want to cancel your alerts by following the simple path: Click the menu icon placed on the left side of a Google Scholar page > search Alerts > Find the alert you no longer want to receive emails for > finally, choose the cancel button placed next to the name of the alert. 


That’s it. The above-mentioned steps will surely help you to set up the search alerts on the Google Scholar site. Try these steps out and enjoy using this feature. Well, we hope that you liked our article How to Set Up Search Alerts in Google Scholar. For any queries, let us know and also, share your reviews in the comment box mentioned below.

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