How to Fix YouTube Comments Not Loading

In this article, we will tell you how you can fix YouTube comments not loading. So, let’s get started!!

Everyone loves to watch videos or movies on different apps or websites. This makes their time more enjoyable and YouTube is on the top of the list. This app is used by a large population as this it provides multiple videos and contents as per their preferences. People also do live streaming, also make their videos, and earn their income. YouTube users also support their streamers and comment on their videos. Sometimes, there occurs an error on this app and people might get frustrated. If you are one of them then, do not get worried. Moreover, this error occurs because of the cache compiled up in the app. The cache might affects the speed of the app and often stuck to the app.  

Fix YouTube Comments Not Loading

You can fix the error by following the simple and easy steps mentioned below:

Navigate to Your Chrome Settings

  1. Head to the Chrome and navigate to the top navigation bar 
  2. Click the three dots icon to open up a menu
  3. On the bottom of the menu, choose settings to open up the settings menu
  4. On the left side of a screen, multiple options will appear
  5. Choose Privacy & security to go to the privacy & security settings such as enabling or disabling the site notifications 

View Your Site Settings

YouTube Comments Not Loading

  1. When done, you will land on Privacy & security page having multiple options like “Clear browsing data”, “Cookies and other site data”, “Security”, and “Site Settings”
  2. Choose “Site Settings” which you will use to clear the data later on
  3. At the bottom of the section, click “View permissions and data stored across sites” to check a list of sites you have visited

Search for YouTube and Clear All of Its Data

  1. On a new page, at the top right side of the section, you will see a search bar
  2. Search for YouTube in a search bar and press Enter (it will display the list of YouTube’s storage & cookies)
  3. Now, click the three dots icon placed in front of the YouTube URL 
  4. Choose the “Clear data” to clear the YouTube’s cache

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That’s it. Now, head to YouTube and log in to your account and check the comments will load properly under the video.


We hope that you liked our interesting article How to Fix: YouTube Comments Not Loading. Try these steps out and resolve the error comments not showing on the YouTube app. Also, you can automatically clear the cookies on YouTube when you close it simply by following a simple path: Navigate to your Chrome settings > click Privacy & security > Cookies and other site data > click Always clear cookies when windows are closed > tap Add > finally, choose For any queries, let us know and also, share your reviews in the comment box mentioned below.

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