How to Fix Windows Update Errors in Windows 11

Fix Windows Update Errors

In this article, we will tell you how you can fix Windows update errors in Windows 11. So, let’s get started!!

People love to do their office work on a PC or laptop worldwide. Windows 11 is the most latest window introduced in the market. It is considered the most efficient & fastest window than prior versions. It has several features like a new Windows media player app, a new notepad, redesigned taskbar, navigation with touch, data privacy & safety, and so on. There might occur an error in Windows 11 sometimes and many users reported this issue. If you are also the victim then, do not get panic!

Fix Windows Update Errors in Windows 11

You can update your Windows 11 by following the simple fixes mentioned below:

1. Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter

The first and foremost method to resolve this issue is to use a troubleshooter (a tool designed specifically for fixing the update process). To do so, follow the simple steps:

  1. Click the Start icon and search for settings in a search bar, click it
  2. Now, choose System placed on the left side and select troubleshoot placed on a System tab 
  3. Choose Other-troubleshooters to check out its tools
  4. Click the Run option to update the Windows

However, this tool will automatically detect errors. So, be patient and wait for the troubleshooter to fix these errors. When done, it made some changes too.

2. Run a System File Scan

System File Scan

To run a system file scan, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Right-click the Start menu button to select and open Windows Terminal (Admin)
  2. Click to open a new tab and choose Command Prompt on a menu
  3. Now, enter the Deployment Image Servicing command and press Return
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth 
  1. To start the SFC scan, input the following command & press Enter
sfc /scannow
  1. Now, wait & let the scan finish and display an outcome within the Command Prompt

However, Running a Deployment Image Servicing scan is an optional step. It is recommended in case an image repair is required. 

3. Check the Windows Update Service is enabled and running

Windows Update Service

You can resolve this error by enabling and running the Windows Update Service to install the updates. To do so, follow the simple steps given below:
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  1. Press Window + R simultaneously to open a Run dialogue box 
  2. Type services in an Open-box and choose OK to open the services
  3. Double-click the Windows Update service and make sure Automatic is the selected Startup type option
  4. Choose Start if the service is not running and click Apply to save the options 
  5. Finally, click the OK button on the window


That’s it. The above-mentioned fixes will surely help you to resolve the error on Windows 11. Try these methods out and tell us which one works best for you. We hope that you liked our article How to Fix: Windows Update Errors in Windows 11. For any queries, let us know and also, share your reviews in the comment box mentioned below.

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