How to Change Youtube Channel Name

Change Your Channel Name

In this article, we will tell you how you can change Youtube channel name. So, let’s proceed ahead!!

Today in this present world, people love to use YouTube channels. People love to use YouTube to learn anything (i.e., skills, cooking & so on) by watching videos. Also, they love to listen to songs, watch movies, and so on. You can also download movies to watch them later without paying any cost.

Well, People are mostly interested in making their own YouTube channels. This lets them get fame and earn their livelihood. They can also change their name on this platform. If you want to change your name then, you need to announce it (via your next video or any other social media app).

How to Change Youtube Channel Name

Change Your Channel Name

You can change your name either on YouTube mobile app (or YouTube Studio on desktop) by following the simple steps mentioned below:

Open the app

  1. Head to the app and log in to your account
  2. Now, choose the channel icon placed on a top navigation bar

Go to your YouTube channel

  1. When done, a menu will open up a screen having multiple options like “Turn on Incognito”, “Add account”, “Your channel”, and others.
  2. Choose Your channel option to open your YouTube channel

Tap “Edit channel”

  1. On this page, select the Edit channel option 
  2. This option will let you edit your channel or name but, to edit your name choose the edit icon next to it

Change your YouTube channel name

  1. In the “Name” field, you can see your YouTube channel name
  2. Now, remove the old name and enter a new name (use up to 50 characters)
  3. When done, tap the tick icon to save your changes

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However, the above-mentioned steps will let you change the name of this app. Follow these steps out and enjoy using the app again. Moreover, on the desktop version simply, head to the Channel customization > then, choose Basic info > to change your channel name, click the edit icon placed next to it > finally choose the “Publish” button. Well, we hope this article How to Change Your Channel Name on YouTube proves helpful to you. For any suggestions, let us know and also, share your reviews in the comment box mentioned below.

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