How to Fix Instagram Insights Option Not Showing

Fix Instagram Insights Option

In this article, we will tell you how you can fix Instagram insights option not showing So, let’s get started!!

Instagram is one of the well-known apps that is widely used by people globally. People used to sell their products on this platform to get fame and earn their livelihood. It has several features like dark/light mode, create a post, filters & effects, camera, insights, and so on. Sometimes, an error Insights option not showing occurs on Instagram. This error might seem irritating and many professional users have reported this issue.

Fix Instagram Insights Option Not Showing

Time needed: 3 minutes.

You can fix the Insights option not showing issue on Instagram by following the simple steps, which are stated:

  1. Tap the Menu Icon on Your Instagram Profile

    Tap the menu icon near or on your insta profile.

  2. Go to Your Settings

    Navigate to settings by tapping the settings icon.

  3. Tap “Account”

    Locate the account option and tap.

  4. Switch to a Professional Account

    Tap “switch to a professional account.”

  5. Select a Category

    Choose a category from the list.

  6. Check Your Insights

    That’s it, check the insights of your account.

Tap the menu icon on your Instagram profile

  1. Head to the Instagram app and log in to your account
  2. Go to your profile option > tap the menu icon placed on the navigation bar to open up the menu.

Note: The insights option is only available on Instagram

Go to your settings

  1. When done, multiple options appear on a screen
  2. Tap the Settings options to open up the settings option

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Tap “Account”

  1. When tapped, you will land on a settings page and you are required to have a professional account (i.e., to switch to a professional account simply, navigate to your profile > choose the Menu icon > Settings > select Account > Switch account type > finally, choose Switch to Personal Account)
  2. Tap the accounts option to open up the account settings

Note: When switching to a personal account, your in-app insights will be turned off and insights from all of your content will be removed permanently.

Switch to a professional account

Fix Instagram Insights Option
  1. When done, the account settings page will open up on a screen
  2. At the bottom of a page, choose the Switch to Professional account option to start switching to a professional account

Select a category

  1. When tapped, information regarding the Insights feature will appear on a screen
  2. Now, tap continue to proceed further and select a category that better suits your account
  3. When choosing a category, tap the done option

Check your insights

  1. Now, if you want to switch to a Business account, choose the business option > tap Next
  2. Then, select the Save settings option to protect yourself from any kind of unwanted interactions. Also, you can skip this by simply tapping “Not Now”.
  3. If you want to check if there is an insight option simply, go to Instagram > tap the menu icon > finally, tap insights to view the insights.

Final words!!

That’s it, folks!! The above-mentioned steps enable you to fix the error Insights option not showing occurs on Instagram. Try these steps out and enjoy the Insights feature on the Instagram app again. Also, the Instagram insights feature allows you to learn about trends across your followers and insights can be viewed for posts, stories, videos, reels, and live videos. Unluckily, this feature is available for business or creator accounts. Well, we are done with this article How to Fix: Insights Option Not Showing on Instagram. For any queries, do let us know and also, share your thoughts in the comment box mentioned below.

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