How to Get Your Hacked Roblox Account Back

Roblox Account Back

In this article, we will tell you how you can get your Roblox account back. So, let’s get started!!

Roblox is the most famous site where people love to play and make games online. This is considered the most visited site and also, it provides the tools that help users to create their own games. It is most known for creating games rather than playing it. Sometimes, there are chances your account might be hacked. This happens when you give out your login details. This problem might seem quite irritating but do not panic as there is a way out of this issue.

How to Get Your Hacked Roblox Account Back

Roblox Account Back

You can get back your Roblox account by following the simple steps given below:

Go to Roblox Support

  1. Head to the Google browser, search for the Roblox support page then, click “Support – Roblox”. Alternatively, you can visit this page by clicking a link:
  2. It is considered the best way where you can contact the team directly.

Enter Your Date of Birth

  1. On the support page, you are required to enter your date of birth
  2. Enter your date of birth then, click Next to proceed further

Provide Your Contact Information

  1. When done, you will land on a contact form and it requires your contact information and the issue details
  2. Now, enter your username and email address in the respective fields then, scroll down to proceed to the next page

Provide the Details of the Issue

  1. You are now, required to mention the details of the issue simply, select a device on which you are facing an issue
  2. Then, select the “Account Hacked or Can’t Log in” option and choose “Account Hacked” as the sub-category
  3. When done, choose the Submit option to submit it. Now, you have to wait for the email from Roblox and make sure to check your email after 24 hours for a response.

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That’s it, guys!! The above-mentioned details will surely help you to get back your Roblox account. Try out these steps and then, wait for a response from Roblox. Well, to prevent an account from being hacked by a hacker, you must set a strong password and enable 2-step verification via your settings on Roblox. We are done with this article How to Get Your Hacked Roblox Account Back. For any queries, let us know and mention your reviews in the mentioned-below comment box. 

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