Why I Can’t See Last Active on Facebook Messenger?

In this article, we will tell you why you can’t see Last active on Facebook Messenger and how you revert it. So, let’s get started!!

Facebook Messenger is a well-known app that keeps people connected to one other. This app is widely used and has a number of features like chit-chat, voice & video call, dark/light mode, themes, Last Active, and so on. The Last Active status allows you to see when another person was last online on Facebook Messenger. It appears under a person’s name when you chat with them. Also, if a person is active now, a green dot will appear on his/her profile picture. But, it does not show for everyone. 

Can’t See “Last Active” on Facebook Messenger

You can not see the Last Active on Facebook Messenger because of the two reasons mentioned below:

1. A person turned off their “Active Status”

Can’t See Last Active

The most common reason that you can not see someone’s last active is that he/she has turned off his/her Active status. Facebook has features that allow users to hide their active status. These settings can be found on this app by tapping your profile picture, an option called “Active Status” will appear on a screen. Tap it to turn on that shows your active status to your friends and contacts. But, if it is off then, it will not be shown. As well as you will not be able to see when your friends and contacts were last active.

2. You’re blocked

Another reason might seem that another person has blocked you? You won’t be able to see the person’s “Last Active” status. Also, a person can not receive calls from you and you can not be able to send him/her a message. 

How Can You Check if a Person Has Turned Off His Status on Messenger?

You can check if someone has turned off his status by looking at his Facebook activity. If he has posted a post recently and its activity status is not visible then, he has turned off his status. Also, if a person is not online for a long time, it also indicates that he has not turned off the active status. Well, the active status might not be showing because of their inactivity (offline more than 24 hours) on Facebook.

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Final words!!

The above-mentioned details will surely help you to know why I can not see “Last Active” on the Facebook Messenger app. A person might have blocked you or turned off the last active status which might not allow you to reach that person. If you are worried to reach that person again then, reach him via any other source. That’s it, guys!! We hope that you liked our article Why Can’t I See “Last Active” on Facebook Messenger?. For any queries, do let us know and also share your reviews in the comment box mentioned below.

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