How to See Unsent Messages on Messenger

See Unsent Messages

In this guide, we will tell you how you can see unsent messages on the Messenger app (for Android). So, let’s get started!

Messenger is a well-known app that is widely used by people globally. This app lets users have chit-chat, voice & video call with friends and family. It has a number of features like chit-chat, dark/light mode, themes, voice & video call, see unsent messages, and so on. Sometimes, you don’t want to send a message to a person you are known so, you have an unsend for everyone feature on this app to make this task done. But, you are still interested to see the unsent messages for some personal purpose. However, the “Unsend for Everyone” feature is similar to the “Delete For Everyone” feature on WhatsApp.

How to See Unsent Messages on Messenger?

See Unsent Messages

To check out the unsend messages of a person then, you are required to download any third-party app like Notisave for any app from a Google Play store. It is a status and notification saver that autosave new messages, images, and statuses on Messenger. It does its task by autosaving notifications shown on a notification bar. To do so, follow the simple steps:

  1. Head to the Google Play store and search for the Notisave app in a search bar
  2. Download the app and allow it to access your photos, media, and files
  3. Now, tap the three dots icon then, click the settings option from a list 
  4. Tap Save notifications and turn on the Messenger app.

That’s it. If someone sends you a message and unsent it then, check that message in the Notisave app. Well, enable Messenger notifications to make this task done and hence, the Notisave app is available for Android devices only. 

How to See Unsent Messages on Messenger Without App?

You can also check unsent messages on the Messenger app without any third-party app by turning on “Notification history” via settings. It will save messages that receive on Messenger before it gets unsent. Also, this works for some Android devices. To do so, follow the simple steps:

  1. Head to the settings app and tap Notifications
  2. Choose the advanced settings option and tap Notification history from a list 
  3. Turn the Notification history on. 

That’s it, now, you can see any unsent messages on Messenger by navigating to your Messenger notification history. However, you have to enable the messenger notifications turned on by following a simple path: open the “Settings” app > choose Notifications > All apps > select Messenger > Turn on notifications. But, this option is not available for iOS because they don’t have a “Notification history” feature.

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Final Words

The above-mentioned information will let you see the unsend messages on the messenger app. You can check out the messages via a third-party app (or via settings) on Android devices. However, both the “Notisave” app and the “Notification history” feature save your notification history. That’s it, guys! We hope that you liked our article How to See Unsent Messages on Messenger. For any queries, do let us know and also, share your reviews in the comment mentioned below. 

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