How to Add Someone on Telegram

Telegram is one of the fastest messaging apps in the marketplace. It connects people with the help of a unique and distributed network of data channels all over the world. Telegram is a standalone app so you are not required to keep your device connected. It is a reliable, easy-to-use app with the best security system. However, when you first use the Telegram app, your contacts will be synced which means that you will be able to see a list of contacts who have this app. Also, you can invite contacts who don’t have a Telegram app to join it. In this article, we will tell you how you can add someone on Telegram app. So, let’s get started!!

Add Someone on Telegram

There are three different ways to add someone on the Telegram app and they are as under:

Add Someone by Their Username

You can add someone on the Telegram app by using their username. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find them on this app. However, if a person does not have a username then, you have to ask for it. The person will get a username by simply tapping settings placed at the bottom navigation bar > tap edit to open profile settings > now, tap a username to get a username. Now, ask him/her for a username then, tap Contacts placed at the bottom navigation bar. On the top of a page, search for a person’s username in a search bar and press ok. Click the username to start chatting with him/her. Simply, send them a message to add them on Telegram. When done, his/her contacts will appear in a list.

Invite Your Friends

You can also add someone on Telegram by inviting your friends. If you already have contacts, you can invite them to join the Telegram app. Simply, tap Contacts placed at the top navigation bar. This will display you a list that has a Telegram app. However, those contacts will not be shown who do not have a Telegram app. Well, to invite them, tap Invite friends. This page will show you a list that is not on this app simply, search for a contact in a search bar you want to invite on Telegram app and select it. When done, tap Invite x Contacts placed at the bottom. This will invite your contacts to join the Telegram app.

Find People Nearby

Add Someone on Telegram

Another way to add someone on this app is done by a feature called ‘Find people nearby’. This feature is used to add people nearby quickly who are viewing the feature. You can tap contacts placed on the bottom navigation bar > then, click the Find People Nearby option. When done, you are required to allow the app to track the location simply, tap Allow Access to allow the app to track your location. A pop-up message will appear including Allow Once, Allow While Using App and Don’t Allow. Then, tap “Allow While Using App” to track the location. When done, the People Nearby page will open. You will see a list of people nearby who have a Telegram app. Now, tap Show x More People to expand a list of people nearby and you will be able to add people by sending them a message. 

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That’s it. The above-mentioned steps will let you add people to this portal. Try these steps out and add more people to get in touch with them. We hope that you liked our article How to Add Someone on Telegram. For any queries, do let us know and also, share your thoughts in the comment section mentioned below.

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