How to Fix WhatsApp QR Code Not Loading or Working

Fix WhatsApp QR Code

In this article, we will tell you how to fix WhatsApp QR code not working or loading. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

WhatsApp is a well-known app that is loved and used by all people globally. It is easy to use the app and has a clean & clear interface. This app has a number of features like themes, wallpapers, chit-chat, voice & video calls, and so on. However, when loading a WhatsApp on a desktop, scanning a QR code is necessary that is shown up on a screen. This scanning loads the WhatsApp account on a desktop application. But, now, many users are facing issues with this. Moreover, many users have reported that QR code is facing an issue themselves. But, some users have solved this issue by trying out some fixes.

Fix WhatsApp QR Code Not Loading or Working

Fix WhatsApp QR Code

You can resolve the WhatsApp QR code not loading or working issue by following the fixes mentioned below:

1. Reload the QR code:

When opening up the WhatsApp app on a desktop, a message will appear on a screen having a QR code in it. If scanning is not working then, wait for e few seconds. An option to reload a QR code will appear on a screen after a previous QR code is expired. When you click it, a new QR code will be generated. Now, scan this code via your WhatsApp app on your smartphone.

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2. Restart the app:

If reloading of QR code does not work then, you should uninstall the app from desktop processes entirely. To do so, follow the simple steps:

  1. Press Windows + X keys together and select Task Manager from a list that appears
  2. In the processes tab of Task Manager, scroll and find out WhatsApp app, click it
  3. Choose the End task button placed at the bottom of the task manager window
  4. Close task manager and open the WhatsApp app again
  5. Now, try scanning the QR code and hope that this time it would work.

For Mac:

  1. Press the Space + Command keys to open up a Spotlight search menu
  2. Search Activity Monitor, when shows up > hit Return key
  3. Scroll and scroll and find out WhatsApp app, click it on a list of applications
  4. Click the X mark placed at the top and close the Activity Monitor window
  5. Open WhatsApp again and try scanning a QR code, hope this time it works.

3. Check Your Internet Connection:

Every service requires a good internet connection also, WhatsApp on a desktop also demands a high-quality internet connection to work correctly and fastly. So, if your internet is now working well then, you should change it with a better connection and then, try again. Well, WhatsApp with the fastest internet connection will be able to load QR codes quickly.  However, if this does not work then, try out the next solution.

4. Update the App:

If you think that this issue is with your WhatsApp only then, you are required to check the pending WhatsApp app update. If available, update a new version of it. So, always check out the update because it would solve many issues either in a PC or an app. If it does not work then, try out the next solution.

5. Connect Both the Devices to the Same Network:

Sometimes, a smartphone and a PC are connected to different networks which might cause a QR code not loading issue. Some issues might get resolved if both devices are connected to the same network. So, connect your smartphone and PC to the same internet connection and try loading the QR code again on the app. Well, if it does not work then, move to the next solution.

6. Disable VPN:

VPNs are considered necessary because it protects connection privacy. But, in some cases, an app is unable to access the internet if the VPN’s location does not match well with the app. So, with WhatsApp, it might be the reason. However, the solution is to disable a VPN entirely and then, try loading a QR code again. Well, if it does not work, try out the next solution.

7. Use Whatsapp Web:

If any of the above-mentioned solutions do not work, you should use WhatsApp’s web version on a desktop with the help of a Web browser. Also, make sure that the web browser is up to date. To do so, navigate to the > now, open the WhatsApp on a smartphone > go to WhatsApp Web. Now, an option to scan a QR code appears on a screen. When done, the browser will show your WhatsApp account with all the messages will show up on a browser window.


That’s it, folks! The above-mentioned solutions will surely help you to resolve the WhatsApp QR code not loading or working issue. Try out these and tell us which ones work better for you. Do we hope that you liked our article How to fix WhatsApp QR Code Not Loading or Working?. For any queries, do let us know and also, share your thoughts in the comments box mentioned below.

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