Best Offline Music Apps – Listen to Music Without Data or WiFi

Best Offline Music Apps

Want to enjoy music but don’t have internet? Fret not, as we have the best offline music apps to listen to music without the internet.

People love to listen to music in their free time because sometimes, music freshens up the mind and mood. Every person has their own taste in music, so they prefer different apps that provide them with music for free. Well, most of the apps require the internet to listen to music while streaming and not listening to it. However, listening to music is not easy, thanks to some apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud that help you download the music and listen to it without the internet. These apps provide you with millions of songs that you can enjoy.

Moreover, this article will tell you about the five music streaming apps (Android and iOS) that enable you to listen to music without data or the internet. But, keep in mind that some of these apps require a subscription to listen to music offline. Also, you can not use any other music player apps to listen to the downloaded music via these streaming apps. Let’s look at the best apps to listen to music without data or the internet and go ahead!

Best Offline Music Apps

There are several streaming apps for music, but we have mentioned some of the best apps, which are stated as under: 

1. Spotify

Best Offline Music Apps

Spotify is the most popular streaming app you can use to listen to music. Most artists are dependent on this app to release their new albums. For the same reason, users enjoy the music of their favorite artists on the day the songs are released. This app allows you (only via premium subscription) to download your favorite albums or playlists. However, if you have a Spotify premium account, downloading songs or playlists is simple and easy as locating the album and tapping a download button. Also, you can choose the quality of downloads placed in the app’s settings.

2. Apple Music

Best Offline Music Apps

If there is no other music streaming app against Spotify, Apple Music has matured, and updates like Spatial Audio and surround sound make it more valuable. This app is considered a good option for those who use an iPhone or other Apple devices daily. You can download songs (via Apple Music premium account) and listen to them without data or the internet. But, keep in mind that these songs are not accessible to any other music player except Apple Music. It has one of the best user interfaces in any streaming app, with enhanced lyrics support for all songs.

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3. SoundCloud


SoundCloud is one of the most significant music streaming and sharing platforms ever existed in a marketplace. It is considered a degree of freedom and where a massive community of listeners and artists exists. This app also has an excellent user interface for both web & mobile apps (Android or iOS). Also, you find underrated songs while searching for new music via SoundCloud. It has a premium dubbed SoundCloud Go subscription and it allows its users to download songs locally without data and internet. 

4. Pandora


Like Spotify or Apple Music, Pandora is not as famous as these apps, and in its userbase, millions of people are satisfied. It has an extensive music library that users can enjoy either free or via a premium subscription. If you have a Pandora subscription, you can enjoy songs later without data or the internet. It also has a Station feature (i.e., acts as a local radio) that plays the hottest songs recently. You can listen to songs based on users’ likes or ratings. It is still well-known music streaming app that you can enjoy listening to songs without data or the internet. 

5. Amazon Music

Best Offline Music Apps

If you regularly buy from Amazon, you might have a Prime subscription. This subscription provides you access to Prime Video and Amazon Music. It has a pretty commendable music library where you can enjoy music without the internet or data. This app has an excellent user interface on a smartphone, and it works without any interruptions. If you have enough money to bear a slightly outdated UI of the Amazon Music app, then it is considered a great way to enjoy music without data or the internet.


The music streaming apps above-mentioned will surely let you enjoy the music of your favorite artists without data or the internet. Do let us know, which app you like the most and which works best for you. That’s it, guys!! We hope that you liked our article. For any questions regarding these apps, let us know and share your reviews in the below comment box.

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