How to Fix Add Yours Sticker Not Working on Instagram

Fix Add Yours Sticker

Every new feature of Instagram doesn’t work for many people. Here are the solutions to fix add yours sticker feature on Instagram.

Instagram is a well-known app that is used by almost all the population globally. This app is loved by most people because it is a source of income for a majority of users who sell their products online on this platform. This app keeps its users up-to-date and has several features like creating a story, filters & effects, voice or video call, chit-chat, like or comment, dark/light mode, Add Yours sticker, and so on. However, Add Yours sticker is a built-in feature of this app that allows others to respond to it with their own story. Well, some users do have this feature but, is not working. 

Moreover, in this article, we will tell you why you do not have add yours sticker feature on Instagram. Also, why it is not working and showing on this app. So, let’s get started!!

Why Don’t I Have the Add Yours Sticker on Instagram?

You do not have to Add Your sticker on Instagram because it is not yet released in your country. Users from other states can have access to Add Yours sticker but some users have reported that they are unable to interact with it. When they tap on a sticker instead, it skips a story. In some accounts, add yours sticker does not work. To resolve this issue, make use of another account. If you do not have another account, make a new account and switch to it. Otherwise, you have to wait until you got access to a sticker.

Fix Add Yours Sticker Not Working On Instagram?

Fix Add Yours Sticker

If you want to fix add yours sticker not working then, try to update an Instagram or use another account. Otherwise, you can switch to a personal account or use a VPN. However, if your Instagram is not updated, you are unable to access Add Yours sticker. Well, two fixes are there and are as under:

Update Instagram

You are required to update an Instagram to its latest version to resolve Add Yours sticker. 

  • If you are using iPhone > open App Store > search Instagram in a search bar & click it > check if an update is available or not. If available then, update it.
  • When updated, open it again and try Add Yours sticker. This time it might work out.

Use Another account

You can make use of another account that might solve the Add Yours sticker not working issue. So, you should try using another account and check if a sticker is working or not. To do so, follow the steps:

  • Tap the profile picture placed at the bottom navigation bar 
  • Choose the username situated on the top navigation bar, a list of accounts appears on a screen > tap the account you want to switch  
  • When done, check Add Yours sticker working or not and this time it might work out.

How to fix Add Yours sticker not showing on Instagram?

You can fix Add Yours sticker not showing on Instagram by trying using a VPN or waiting until you got access to a sticker. Simply, search for a VPN on the Google Play store > download a free VPN app. When done, make sure to stop the Instagram before utilizing Add Yours sticker. You can also update the app’s version if it is not available in Play Store by uninstalling and installing it again. However, if you are using a business account then, switch it to a personal one. To do so, open an Instagram profile > choose Menu > then, select settings > now, choose Switch account type > finally, Switch to Personal Account.

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Furthermore, the above-mentioned fixes will surely help you out to fix add yours sticker not working issue. You should try them out and also, tell which technique works best for you. That’s it, we are done with this article How to Fix Add Yours Sticker Not Working on Instagram, and surely, this proves helpful to you. For any queries, let us know and also, share your reviews in the comment box mentioned below.

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