Best Free Calling Apps For Unlimited Calls & Texts

Free Calling Apps

People love to stay in touch with loved ones via chit-chat, video & voice calls, and so on. This makes them closer to one another in times of happiness, sadness, etc. Today, in this present world, keeping in touch with loved ones is not expensive at all but, for this, you have to look for the right places. Well, we are talking about free calling apps that offer unlimited texts and calls. It is not considered easy to run this kind of service for free because they are hard to find such apps.

However, in this article, we have listed some best apps that offer free calls and texts. These apps have explained any potential cons like in-app ads or regional restrictions. Well, it is important to distinguish the difference between apps that makes external SMS calls and texts. Also, it let you send messages to other users on their app. 

Moreover, some apps will provide you with a temporary number via which you can make calls but, you do not have to install these apps themselves. Google Voice includes in-app ads to support its operating costs. Nonetheless, there are also free calling apps to make free calls and texts but, only for other users. Also, you can make free calls on WhatsApp or Viber, but only when calling other users of these apps (via WiFi or mobile data). So, without any further ado, let’s get started!!

Free Calling Apps For SMS Texts & Calls

There are several apps to send free calls and texts but we have highlighted two apps, which are as under:

Google Voice

Free Calling Apps

If you live in Canada or US, this app is considered a good option available online. A free number is provided so you can call, text, or receive the same from another number if other users have not installed an app. Also, you don’t have to face any ads. It also has some other features like direct transcriptions of the text of voice calls so, you can see what people said. Also, free calls options are available to US members who can pay to make calls internationally. Moreover, UI is clean and can record calls and backup important texts or calls. This app is not available outside US and Canada.


Free Calling Apps

TextMeUp is another app that helps us to make calls and texts available for free in most regions. You can have multiple local numbers to organize communications (e.g., one number for work, another number for contacts abroad). Access to this app might vary concerning the region but, you can have a local number for free, and for international contacts, you have to pay some cost too. Moreover, if you want to access some free calls and texts then, this app throws a bunch of ads, some of which are quite irritating. Also, you can remove ads and get a call minutes monthly/weekly package 

Free Calling Apps For Texts & Calls To Other Users

Several apps allow you to make free calls and texts and also, apps installed on the devices. These apps provide you with a superior experience and are as under:


WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and is one of the most popular apps in the marketplace globally. It allows you to make calls and texts without paying any cost. It has built-in end-to-end encryption to keep messages private. Also, you can send photos, gifs, videos, and voice messages to others quickly. You are required to have a contact number in a list to let them know that you are on this platform. Also, you can add a new contact to a list to chat with them. Moreover, you can share a location with them too, and also, if it is stuck on a device then, you can utilize its PC version.

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Viber is another app that let its users enjoy calls and text opportunities. You can set up free backups to always save the messages. Also, you can log in to a new device simply, by scanning a QR code. It lets your past messages, saved photos, and shared videos be sent to a new device. Moreover, you can add other users of Viber by importing them from a contact list because it uses numbers as an identifier for users same as WhatsApp. It also has an option for group and video calling. Also, you can buy credit to make a call globally. However, if you add someone already then, Viber will do it for free. 

Messenger & Messenger Lite

Messenger is a built-in feature within Facebook and it brings dozens of chit-chat features to your device. This app allows you to make a call, message, and share with anybody you add to your Facebook account. Now, you can add people straightly on Messenger. It has a variety of chat functionality of which many people are unaware like fun mini-games, polls, custom group colors & themes, rooms that support up to 50 people, and so on. If you are satisfied with this app then, try out Messenger Lite that have basic text and call functionality.

Should You Use a Free Calling App?

The above-mentioned apps will offer you free calls and texts but each app’s functionality differs. It’s totally up to you which app you prefer but, we recommend Viber, Whatsapp, and Google Voice. Do tell us which app you like the most in a comment box. 

That’s it, folks! We hope that you liked our article and surely, it seems helpful to you. For any queries, do let us and also, share your thoughts in the comment section mentioned below.

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