6 Alternatives to Steam For Buying PC Games Online

Alternatives to Steam

Steam platform has lots of games but not all the games, so here are the best alternatives to steam if you want to buy a game online.

Steam is one of the well-known apps in the marketplace and you can participate in this app’s community whenever you like. You can also Chat with Steam’s friends, browse community groups and user profiles, and read the latest news related to games. Also, you can stay up-to-date on unbeatable sales on Steam.  Moreover, Steam is the biggest name in PC gaming (with over 95 million users) but it is not only the option. Well, there are multiple alternatives to Steam for buying PC games, some of which are considered fairly better.

6 Alternatives to Steam

However, in this article, we will tell you the six best online stores that will satisfy your gaming fix. Keep active and look out for deals too, as these stay up-to-date in providing unbeatable sales. Also, a lot of these alternatives have great sales only like Steam. So, let’s get started!

1. GOG.com

Alternatives to Steam

GOG (known as Good Old Games) is a subordinate of CD Project i.e., the company behind The Witcher and the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. CD Project only has multiple consumer-forward policies, it also does by GOG.com.

However, the site is a gold mine for old-school gamers. It provides updated and modernized versions of classic games, many of which once required DOSBox to operate properly. The games themselves are also all DRM-free. This means that you can download them to a CD and pop the CD into a drive 50 years from now and will still work. This site’s management system enables gamers from all different sites to a single place. Also, you can check out any compatible Steam, Epic games store (and even Xbox & PlayStation) all to a single source. It has frequent sales i.e., many of them have discounts up to 90% off. If you are a classic games lover (& care about DRM free titles) then, do check out this site. 

2. Humble Store

Alternatives to Steam

Humble Store is the best and most well-known for the Humble store. It has a collection of games that are usually at a steep discount available. Also, it starts as a pay what you want system where purchases went to charity and a huge number of games can be of pennies. There is a traditional storefront in form of a Humble store and can purchase any available bundles currently (including eBooks, royalty-free music for creators, and a variety of software). You can also purchase individual games and this store has frequent so, keep an eye on out for potential savings. Also, you can access Humble Trove that a collection of more than 90 DRM free-titles (available to subscribers). You can download them and keep them even if cancel your subscription. It is a fast and great way to secure a library. 

3. Itch.io

Alternatives to Steam

Itch.io has thousands of games available on this platform of which most are free. It is all about indie titles and you might end up wading through a waist-deep sea of shovelware. Also, there are a large number of hidden gems to be found and hence, go against expectations & provide never before seen experiences. Its developers are given the freedom to create games they are interested to make but without any overview. A large number of games on Itch.io made their way towards other steam platforms online like Night in the Woods, A Short Hike, and even Celeste. If you have enough money to play the games then, give this a try by trying something that strays from traditional gameplay formulas.

4. Green Man Gaming

Alternatives to Steam

Green man gaming is also one of the well-known sites for Steam keys and you can get keys for other sites like Uplay and Origin. There are frequent sales and many titles of green man gaming (GMG) have standard retail pricing. Also, you can sign-up for loyalty programs known as XP Program. You will earn a reward or XP when you will purchase a game. So, earn enough XP and get your level up into different tiers like Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Every level offers different discounts, free games, and so on. Users should be kept in mind that GMG is not DRM-free unless the game is DRM-free. This site also abides by the anti-piracy set forth by publishers. Also, you have to download the purchases you make through Steam or any other site.

5. Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store

Epic has anti-consumer exclusivity deals but has a lot of issues as a company. Also, no one can deny the breadth of options and the large number of free titles that this site offers. It is the newest alternative to Steam and it has a lot of clout after creating the Unreal Engine as well as games like Fortnite. It has not defined its interface to the same extent due to its relative youth. The browsing on this site is a bit obtuse and some users have claimed that this site has massive privacy issues that raise concerns. It has secured exclusive titles and regularly provides high-quality free games so, it is considered worth checking out. Also, it is considered a good alternative to Steam because it provides games on a budget.

6. Mircosoft Store

Mircosoft Store

Microsoft Store is a built-in feature of Windows 10 but you can access it via any website directly. It organizes the selection of titles and is much more limited than any other entries on a list. Also, there are exclusives like Gears of War & Forza. A few titles are cross-play with Xbox and share saves and achievements. The best options for the Microsoft store can be through Xbox Game Pass. Also, there is a PC version of popular mobile games on this site if you are interested to play games with a mouse or keyboard rather than a mobile.

Final Words

The above-mentioned sites will provide you with the best games, paying some cost to enjoy the games on these sites. So, you should try out these to make your time more enjoyable and also, tell us which site works best for you.

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That’s it, folks! We hope that this article proves helpful to you and surely, proves interesting and helpful. For any queries, do let us know and also, share your reviews in the comment section mentioned below.

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