How to Download Design from Canva

Download Design from Canva

Canva is the most well-known tool and is liked by almost half of the population globally. This app has a photo editor, graphic tool, and video tool all in it. It can help you to create stunning posts, cards, videos, flyers, photo collages, and so on. It has the option of one-tap animation and fun music for Instagram stories and video collages. However, if you are a new user of Canva then, its download button will not be visible at first after moving to its unique resting place. But, it is still there and it is considered an easy task to download a design. Still, it demands an effort from its users. Whether you are a free or a paid user, you can download design from Canva but, features access might vary.

Download File Types Supported

There are a number of formats that you can use to download a design and are stated as under:


PDF Standard: It is small in size and can be used for illustrations, graphics, or text (resolution 96 dpi)

PDF Print: It is a high-quality document and supports bleed & crop mark options (resolution 300 dpi)

PPTX (Microsoft Powerpoint): It is used for Canva presentations 


JPG: It is a small size file and is used for photographs. Users of Canva Paid (Pro and Enterprise) can adjust quality and scale.

PNG: It is a high-quality image and is used for graphics. Paid users of Canva can also utilize features i.e., file compression & transparent backgrounds when downloading.

Sharp Vector Graphics: SVG is best for web graphics and maintains image quality of any size. It supports transparency and is not available for Free users of Canva


MP4: It has a high-quality video with music or a sound
GIF: It has short clips with no designs with animated elements or sounds

Downloading a Design from Canva on the Desktop

Download Design from Canva

If you want to download a design from Canva from a web app on a PC then, downloading a design is easy. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the editor menu bar placed at the top and click a Share button situated on its right side

A menu appears and scrolls past the sharing options, click the Download button

However, depending on the type of account, the options might vary. In a Canva free version, the premium features will not be available so, you also have to pay to utilize any pro elements before downloading a design. Though, you can download a preview design via the Canva watermark (criss-cross lines) before paying for a design.

Download a Preview Design

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Irrespective of what type of account is, the steps should be the same and are as under:

  1. Choose File Type

    Choose a file type and click a dropdown menu placed under the File Type option. Canva will suggest the format best for your design automatically.

  2. Choose a Format

    Available format options will appear on a screen and choose one of your own choices

  3. Premium Version

    Premium version tweak other settings where applicable like adjusting the size or quality slider, choosing a transparent background, or selecting to compress the file

  4. Download Multiple Pages

    However, if a design has multiple pages simply, scroll down and select the pages that you want to download from a menu. If by default, you previously saved any download settings, all pages will be selected. Simply, click the pages you do not want to download to unselect them and select done

  5. Save Download Settings

    If you are interested to save your preference for the future then, scroll down and choose ‘Save download settings’ (optional step).

  6. Download

    Lastly, choose the Download button

  7. Pay and Save

    If your design has pro elements and no subscription then, click Pay and download. You will be asked for your preferred method i,e., credit or debit card, UPI, and so on. Also, you can buy Canva credits to pay with them. It also has some discounts. If you pay for an element, the license can be used one time only. If you feel ok to download a watermarked design then, click Download a free watermarked draft instead.

However, this design is saved on a PC in the assigned downloads folder.

Downloading a Design from Canva on Mobile

You can design on Canva with the help of a smartphone. If you want to try this app you can either download it from Play Store or on the web on any browser. Both options are reliable and you can easily download a design on mobile. The steps are almost the same for both but have a slight difference. So, the following are the steps:

  1. Tap export from an editor menu bar
  2. Click the download option from a list that appears 
  3. Select a file type from a menu
  4. If a design has multiple pages then, click the pages that you want to download
  5. Tap the download button

However, on a mobile app, Canva credits are used to download a design. If you want to download a design with a pro element then, it is considered to download it from the web app in a browser. From mobile, it is considered costly. Hence, a design will be downloaded and saved into a phone’s gallery or downloads folder.

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