Tips For Google Maps Location History

Google Maps Location History

Keep all track of your location history with Google Maps Location History

Google Maps app is widely used whenever people go somewhere they utilized this facility to track the exact location. This app works quite efficiently and can tell you about each country or a place’s location. Even the cab drivers (dealing with online apps like Uber, Careem) while picking up a passenger utilizes this app to see the exact location to drop him/her there safely. However, the My Google Activity page in Google is useful as its stores your location history. It is considered useful because it keeps a record of each and every spot you visited since when you first started using your Google account via smartphone. 

Moreover, if you are using Andriod for a long time then, this is considered an impressive database of having a lot of information that comes in handy. Well, in this article, we will tell you how to manage the location history of Google and how to utilize the information it tracks. So, let’s get started!!

Tips For Google Maps Location History

Before utilizing the location history firstly make sure that it is enabled. To do so, follow the simple steps:

  1. Head to the My Google Activity and log in to your Google account 
  2. Select the Location history option placed on a right of the main page 
  3. On the Activity controls page, click the toggle button of Location History to make it turn On.

Moreover, when you visit places while carrying an Android device, it will report the location to the Google servers back. These locations’ time and date of your visit will also be collected. But, keep in mind that you can only have permission to access this information. Also, you always need to log in while accessing it. Furthermore, for those who are concerned about it then, this location history option should be enabled. Hence, they can only the below-mentioned advantages. So, let’s go ahead!

1. Be Reminded of Places You’ve Visited

When started with viewing the location history now, select manage activity placed on the  Activity Controls page. You will see a map (via timeline control) placed on the upper left side. This timeline control can give you information on each and every location you visited in the past years. You can select a year dropdown to choose a year in which visited different places. Also, there are day and month dropdowns to focus more on the framework of your visit. This will also show a location where you stopped your visits. Also, a blue line of an entire route appears on a map.

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Moreover, if you want to know a location you want to remember then, select the three dots placed on the right side and choose the place details option. Well, timeline controls and your timeline history are considered perfect ways to check out the past visits. It is considered a good idea to plan the same visits you loved the most when you visit it for the first time.

2. Quickly Access Very Recent Trips

If you have recently visited a new place then, there is no need to use timeline controls. At the bottom of the location history page, you will see recent places you visited and More Trips below it to check out more recent trips. You can also see the details of each trip too. Also, you can zoom into trip details for that particular day or time. This is considered useful because you can review the trips with your family or friends to have a lot of fun together.

3. Set Up Location Highlight Emails

Google Maps Location History

There is a feature in this app that let you enable email updates regularly. These updates will appear in your inbox that highlights the most recent trips you have visited. If you are interested in storing these trips in your email account then, it is easy to do it. In a Location History, select a gear icon placed at the bottom of a map. Simply, select the Timeline settings from a menu. There appears a couple of options stated as under:

  • Google Photos: Any photos taken during a trip and stored in Google Photos will be shown in a timeline whenever you view a trip timeline.
  • Timeline emails: At any time when a timeline gets updated with a new trip then, you will receive an email listing the highlights of a trip.

However, this option is considered a great way to get reminders of any new content that is updated automatically. If you don’t like anything in any of the trips, you can also delete the individual stops you made.

4. Using Saved Places

There is an option (i.e., Manage your personal places) in the settings that allow to you manage all your saved places. It also includes the list you have created or places to which you have attached a label or the maps you saved or downloaded. However, a Visited tab will display a list of trips that you recently visited. Hence, it is considered a great way to view the list of the most recent places you ever visited and is the fastest way to access your Location history timeline directly via Google Maps. 

Google Maps Location History Is Useful

Most people love to keep records of most visited places of their state or outside the state. They are also concerned about the privacy ramifications of letting Google store every single location of trips you ever visited via smartphone. Nonetheless, if you keep a strong password for your Google account and use two-factor authentication then, you do not have to really worry about anything. Hence, the location history of Google is considered an easy way that will let you keep a record of each and every place visited recently or in a past. 


That’s it, folks! We hope that you liked our tips for Google Maps Location History. For any queries, do let us know and also, share your reviews in the comment section mentioned below.

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