How to Fix Can’t Set Up Face ID on iPhone

Face ID is one of the securest ways to unlock your phone, but what if you can’t set it up properly. Here are seven ways to fix Can’t Set Up Face ID on iPhone.

iPhone is the most widely used device all over the world and is loved by most people. This device works most efficiently and has a number of features like voice & video calls, a high-quality camera & graphics, an easy-to-use interface, security of data, home or screen lock, Face ID, and so on. However, Face ID is considered one of the easiest ways to unlock an iPhone, sign in to third-party apps, and authorize app purchases. It is a straightforward process of enrolling a face for Face ID. But, you can face some issues while using it. 

Moreover, a common error that occurs is “Face ID Is Not Available” which many iPhone users might encounter when setting up Face ID. Well, this article highlights the potential troubleshooting fixes to solve this issue on iPhone devices. Without further ado, let’s get started!!

However, the following are the fixes mentioned below:

1. Set up Face ID Correctly

When setting up Face ID make sure that the position of a face should be correct. Then, move your head in circles and make sure that Face ID should capture all angles of a face. Also, you need to scan your face two times and make sure to complete both scans. Otherwise, this device causes an error, and doing a scan in the landscape might also fail. Try to put a device position in upright portrait orientation. Well, to do so, follow the simple steps:

  1. Head to the Settings app on an iPhone and choose Face ID & Passcode from the list
  2. Tap the Set-Up Face ID option and select Get Started to proceed 
  3. Hold iPhone in an upright position in portrait orientation and position within a face. Move head in a circular form until a green progress bar completes a circle. 
  4. When your first face scan is complete, position your face again and complete your second scan 
  5. Click the Done option when your device displays the “Face ID is not set up” message. Lock your iPhone and check if it works or not. 

Moreover, you can use Face ID using hats, sunglasses, masks, etc. These things might disrupt the process. If the problem continues, repeat the steps again.

2. Move Your iPhone Closer to Your Face

iPhone is placed to be at arm’s length or closer to your face to set up and use Face ID. It recommends 25-50cm proximity distance. However, if the device would not work when setting up Face ID then, move your face closer to iPhone and try again. Remember that keep your face within a camera frame and move your head in circles.

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3. Clean Your iPhone’s TrueDepth Camera

Set Up Face ID

TrueDepth Camera is the heart and soul of Face ID on the iPhone. It creates a depth map and image of your face when setting up your Face ID. The notch at top of a device’s display houses the TrueDepth camera system. If this does not work then, clean the notch of your device. This will remove dirt and other particles blocking the TrueDepth camera. If a phone screen protector or case is covering the phone’s notch then, remove it and try again.

4. Set up Face ID with Accessibility Options

Set Up Face ID

Face ID detection may also fail when having facial or visual impairment. In this case, set up Face ID via Accessibility Options. This will let you quickly Face ID without scanning the whole face. To do so, follow the simple steps:

  1. Head to the Settings app on an iPhone and choose Face ID & Passcode from the list
  2. Tap the Set-Up Face ID option and choose the Accessibility Options on a screen
  3. Choose the Use Partial Circle and click done to finish the process.

5. Reboot or Force-Restart Your iPhone

Restarting the device is considered a temporary fix that removes the glitches affecting Face ID. Simply, turn off the phone, restart it again and try setting a Face ID. To do so, follow the simple steps:

  1. Press and hold the device’s side button or either the volume buttons. Move the slide to power off to the right side 
  2. Alternatively, head to the Settings app > select General > tap Shut Down > and move the slider to the right. 

However, wait for 10 seconds to shut down the device completely. Now, press and hold your device’s side buttons until the Apple logo appears on a screen.

6. Reset Your iPhone’s Settings

Resetting a device sometimes fixes the errors like setting up Face ID. But, remember that resetting a device will remove all the location, privacy, and network-related settings. It will also remove all Apple Pay cards linked to your device but, your accounts & data are not deleted. To do so, follow the simple steps:

  1. Head to the settings and click the general option
  2. Choose the Transfer or Reset iPhone and click the Reset option
  3. Select Reset All Settings and enter your password. Choose the Reset All Settings option again to confirm it

That’s it, wait for a few minutes and set up the Face ID before doing anything else. 

7. Update Your iPhone

Some software-related issues may cause Face ID issues. If you face this issue then, update your iPhone and try again. Simply, head to the settings and choose the general option. Now, choose the software update and click Download and Install to update the latest version of the iOS.

That’s all, folks. We hope that you like our article Can’t Set Up Face ID on iPhone? 7 Ways to Fix and it proves helpful to you. For any queries, do let us know and also, share your reviews in the comment section mentioned below.

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