How to Transfer WhatsApp Data From Android to iPhone

Transfer WhatsApp Data

In the article, we will tell you how you can transfer your WhatsApp data from an Android device to an iPhone.

WhatsApp is a well-known app in the marketplace and is widely used all over the world. This app works efficiently and helps people to stay in touch with one another. It also has a number of features like dark or light mode, chit-chat, voice or video call, and so on. Android and iOS devices have much demand in the market. But, people having both devices are quite confused that how to transfer all their WhatsApp of an Android device to an iPhone device.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Data From Android to iPhone

We will tell you about the two tools (i.e., AnyTrans and iCareFone) that would greatly prove helpful in transferring data but, keep in mind that these tools are not free of cost. Further, you need either of these apps, PC or Mac, USB cables, and obviously, a good internet connection. Also, you are required to install WhatsApp on a new device (iPhone) and log into it before transferring data. 

Why Third-Party Apps are needed?

One can easily transfer the WhatsApp messages and data between the devices having the same operating systems. Google drive is used for OS to OS devices while iCloud is used to transfer data from iOS to iOS devices. However, WhatsApp’s data transferring from Android to iOS devices is a bit more complicated but, it is not impossible. 

Recently, there is no official method introduced for transferring WhatsApp data of devices having different OS (operating systems). Inter-OS data transfer is available for iPhone to Samsung devices only. But, from an old Android device to a new iPhone, you will use third-party apps data transfer tools. 

How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages via AnyTrans?

AnyTrans is a tool that is used to transfer your WhatsApp data from an Android to an iPhone and is available for Windows PC or Mac. Firstly, install this app on a PC and follow the steps (via this tool) in the upcoming section. Do note that back-up WhatsApp to Google Drive before transferring data to an iPhone. To do so, follow the path: Go to Settings > Chats > Chat backup > then, tap the Back-Up option and wait until it’s complete. Well, before moving ahead, ensure to enable the USB debugging on an Android. Simply, go to Settings > About Phone > tap the Build Number (seven times continuously) to activate the Developer Options. 

Moreover, go to Settings > click the System > Advanced > Developer options > scroll down and click the toggle button of USB Debugging > to make it Turn On. Well, in this article, we connected an Android device to the AnyTrans desktop client (via the AnyTrans Android app). 

How to Use AnyTrans Desktop Client to Transfer WhatsApp Data?

Transfer WhatsApp Data

To use AnyTrans Desktop Client to transfer WhatsApp data, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Head to the AnyTrans app and plug the Android & iPhone to a Mac or a PC 
  2. Select the Social Messages Manager placed on the left side from a list of options that appear
  3. Choose the WhatsApp option and click the Transfer Now placed in the WhatsApp to Device section.  
  4. Select your Android device or iPad in a dropdown menu and in another dropdown menu, select your iPhone. 

However, this app failed to recognize an Android device via USB but, we need to link the app to your device to a desktop client (via AnyTrans Android app). If you experience a similar issue, install AnyTrans on an Android device and move to the next step otherwise, proceed to the 7 step. 

  1. Tap the Add a device option from the dropdown menu and select the Add Android Device option
  2. Head to the Android AnyTrans and connect your device to the same internet connection and click the Radar Connection option. Now, select the Android device on a map.
  3. Tap the Recieve option that pop-ups on your Android device to allow the data transfer
  4. Select the Next option to proceed with the transfer process 
  5. Turn off Find my iPhone on iPhone simply, select OK, I Know to proceed further. However, to do so simply, go to Settings > tap your Apple ID name > select Find My >  tap Find My iPhone > click the toggle button to Turn Off the Find My iPhone option. 
  6. Select the Next option to continue.

Installing Modified WhatsApp

Moreover, to access your WhatsApp data, AnyTrans will download and install a modified/enhanced version of WhatsApp on your Android device.

  1. Select the Settings option of the AnyTrans Android app and click the toggle button of Allow from this source option to turn it On > to install the enhanced WhatsApp. 
  2. Open the enhanced WhatsApp version on your device. A pop-up message will appear on a screen to grant the app permission
  3. Select the Permissions on the app’s info page and tap Storage then, select the Allow storage access
  4. Open the enhanced WhatsApp, restore the backup > tap the Next to proceed further
  5. Select the Next option to start the data transferring process

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However, make sure that iPhone is plugged into a PC during the process. This process takes a few minutes for the complete transfer of data before unplugging iPhone. You have to verify the phone number on your WhatsApp on a new iPhone. This tool is not limited to WhatsApp only but it also supports Viber, Line & iMessage. If you want to transfer iMessage chat history to another iPhone, this tool facilitates this process. You can also use this tool to batch convert images, manage iCloud files, create custom ringtones, wirelessly screen mirror your device to a PC, and so on. 

iCareFone Transfer (from $24.95)

iCareFone Transfer is a tool that facilitates data transfer from Android to iPhone devices and vice versa. This tool’s data detection is faster and has distinct options for data transfer for WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. Simply, connect your both devices via USB and also, they are unlocked. Make sure that USB debugging is enabled. Now, select the WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business on a dashboard and click the Transfer option placed on the top right side. Then, choose your Android device and new iPhone device. When done, click the Transfer button placed at the mid-bottom. You can install this tool for free but, you have to pay some amount for transferring data. 

Transfer WhatsApp Data Easily

You can transfer data of WhatsApp from an Android to an iPhone including account information, conversations, media files, documents, and other settings. But, these tools are not for free. 

Subscription details: 

  • AnyTrans: its subscription plans start from $39.99 (1-year plan) to $79.99 (family plan)
  • iCareFone Transfer: its subscription plans are costly — $24.95 (1 month), $59.95 (1 year), and $69.95 (Lifetime)

That’s it, guys!! We hope that this article How to Transfer WhatsApp Data From Android to iPhone surely proves helpful to you. For any queries, do let us know and also, share your reviews in the comment section mentioned below.

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