10 Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online for Free

Everyone loves to watch cartoons, whether you are old or a kid. So, here we have the best sites to watch cartoons online for free.

Cartoons are played almost by everyone in this advanced world. These are considered a source for some people as they make time more interesting & enjoyable. Especially kids and teenagers are fond of watching cartoon series as they make their time quite interesting. Also, Naruto and Dragon Ball Z series are almost by half of the population and more new other cartoon series are introduced in the market. However, there are several sites where you can watch cartoons without paying any cost. Well, if you are looking for free entertainment for your kids then, you are in a right place. But, keep in mind all sites are not for kid’s purposes. 

Moreover, in this article, we will tell about the 10 best sites to watch cartoons online for free. We have mentioned the sites that catch the attention of adults too but, most sites host both types of cartoons, parental oversight is always recommended. Without further ado, let’s get started!!

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online

There are several sites for cartoons in the marketplace but, we have mentioned the 10 best sites that people should be aware of. Well, they are as under:

1. YouTube

Watch Cartoons Online

YouTube is one of the well-known sites where you can watch any kind of content that you imagine. It includes original cartoons as well as classic movies uploads. You can watch your favorite cartoons on this freely but some cartoon uploads are illegal. However, some old cartoons have no longer copyright claims. On this site, you can download them and watch them later too. Some channels like Retro Rerun have permission to offer cartoons for free on this site. 

2. Adult Swim (Adults Only)


Adult Swim is a known site that provides animated series for adults and has the weirdest cult animated made ever. This site is known for its animation which is enjoyed by adults. This site has full episodes available which can be watched freely without paying any cost. Recently, it is known for its famous and phenomenal show Rick and Morty. 

3. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is a site that offers Japanese animation (also, refer as Anime). This site offers several animated series for teens and adults and must be careful when looking for cartoons for youngsters. On this site, you can watch cartoons free of cost but, with pop-ups of advertisements. You can also watch the latest series until they are released. Also, its premium membership is available to enjoy the series on this site.  

4. WB Kids

Watch Cartoons Online

Warners Brothers (WB) kids is also a well-known site as it hosts complete segments from classic shows like Scooby-Doo and Animaniacs. The videos are displayed on YouTube so you can watch them there. This site organizes them and makes it easy for you to search easily. This site can’t be region-locked to the USA only so, kids from all over the globe can enjoy watching cartoons. 

5. Toonjet


Toonjet is the oldest site that offers classic cartoons which can’t be found anywhere else. This site offers cartoons like Betty Boop, Felix the Cat and Looney Tunes, and so on. This site’s videos are also hosted on YouTube and also, serve as host to the Toonjet blog and community. Kids can also enjoy watching cartoons on this site for free.

6. Cartoon Network

Watch Cartoons Online

Cartoon Network is one well-known site that everyone is aware of and without mentioning this site it will be considered useless. This site has classic franchises like Power Puff Girls and new hits like The Amazing World of Gumball. It has a number of shows on this site offers and you can enjoy watching cartoons without logging in. this site is considered the best option for kids to enjoy the cartoons for free. 

7. Supercartoons

Watch Cartoons Online

Supercatoons is also a site that offers cartoons for free but with advertisements pop-ups. This is not considered the greatest site and advertisements on this site make it hard to find a player window. This site also offers cartoon series for kids without paying any cost. Also, you like the easy-to-use buttons present on the top of this site which let you sort the content (via character, studio, or series).

8. Anime Dub

Anime Dub

Anime Dub is also a known site that hosts dubbed animated series with subtitles. This site also offers classic cartoons series and titles from other studios (like Adult Swim). It has a wide range and interesting selections but, this site’s video player and stream speed are a bit slow. This site offers a huge amount of advertisements whiny enjoying the series. 

9. Cartoon8

Cartoon8 is a site that offers animated series for kids without paying any cost. It has a wealth of cartoons including old and new ones. This site’s videos have good quality and are enjoyable to use but, have advertisements pop-ups too. For kids, this is considered a suitable option. 

10. WatchCartoon

Watch Cartoons Online

WatchCartoon is also a well-known site that offers an animated series for kids without paying any cost. It has the nicest designs displayed on its site and also, offers many great shows from classics like Denver the Last Dinosaur to new shows like Final Space. This site shows which shows are complete and which are ongoing but, some episodes get missed without any indication on this site. Also, this site has advertisements pop-ups which seems a bit annoying but, it has a good collection of animated series for kids too. 


However, there are several sites that offer an animated series online. The above-mentioned sites are not considered much good enough because of advertisements pop-ups. But, Cartoon Network is much better than all and other sites only the way to watch see old or region-locked content. Well, a good internet connection makes every animated series more enjoy full at all. 

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That’s it, guys!! We hope that you liked our article 10 best sites to watch cartoons online for free and surely seems helpful to you. For any queries, do let us know and also, share your reviews in the comment section mentioned below.

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