Best Twitter Apps for Windows 11

Best Twitter Apps

Want to use Twitter but don’t want to use the web. Why not try one of these Best Twitter Apps for Windows 11

Twitter is one of the well-known apps that are most widely used all over the globe. People highlight recent news or any lines related to real-life to get viral on this platform. This app has more than 300 million users who are considered really a wide range of people. These people run along with the news, share most trending stories, follow their favorite public figures and sites so, they tell the whole world at what level they are. Well, Twitter can not be downloaded easily on Windows 10.

However, also, there are no third-party apps for Twitter to enjoy this app. The reason behind this is that there are strict API restrictions on the developers of this app. As a result, there is no chance for the clients of third-party apps and users can not have any other choice except to use this standard web app. Luckily, you will find out the best Twitter apps for Windows 10 that offer the best features the way you like. So, let’s get started!!

Best Twitter Apps for Windows 11

There are a number of Twitter apps in the marketplace but, here we will tell you the 6 best apps for Twitter. Well, they are as under:

1. Twitter for Windows

Best Twitter Apps

If you love to Tweet then, Twitter for windows is considered quite a good option. This app works really well but it does not have all the whistles and bells that other Twitter apps might have. This app has a single column view, notifications, the ability to switch between messages, compose tweets, and so on. You can search & embed GIFs and if you want new features simply, click the smiley icon and give feedback to Microsoft. This app is easy to navigate but it lacks some functions like it can’t access hashtags or trending topics at the moment, filter searches, or prepare tweets

2. Tweeten


Tweeten is also another well-known Twitter app for Windows 11 and is founded on TweetDeck. This app allows you to pick emojis, download GIFs and has an interesting column-based interface where you can check out what is going on on Twitter. This app’s multi-column allows you to monitor all your accounts at a time. You can also track your list, activity, notifications, and direct messages. This app has a powerful search feature to search a topic, search & save GIFs, switch between dark & light themes, or even schedule your tweets.

3. Fenice for Twitter

Fenice for Twitter

Fenice for Twitter is a premium app for Windows 11 as it offers a pleasant experience who love to use a large screen. This universal app has a number of unique features like a simple user interface, interactive notifications. These features allow you to reply, like, mentions retweet, and also, add memes to your posts. It also has some usual features like thumbnail previews, multiple accounts, the ability to adjust color or feeds, and quote retweets. Also, you can format, check spelling before posting something, and short links from Fenice too. You can also drag or drop a picture into tweets, can publish it later, and can view live notifications to keep you up to date. It also offers a 24-hour free trial so that you can check it out before buying its premium version.

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4. Buffer

Best Twitter Apps

Buffer is considered a great choice because it uses a Twitter account in a professional capacity. This app helps you to manage a steady flow of all your tweets in a day via your account. It also allows managing other accounts on social media like Facebook and Instagram. This app helps you to build a list of posts with a proper schedule and shows performance criteria for which post gets the best response and at what time. Well, this app is for both personal and business use. It has both free and paid versions. Its free version allows you to connect only one account and also, post 10 posts to be published later. 

5. TwitDuck

Best Twitter Apps

If you like to use TweetDeck to manage your Twitter account? Then try out another Twitter app for Windows 11 i.e., TwitDuck. It is designed to fill up the gaps that TweetDeck left behind. It offers the same functionalities as the TweetDeck app like the ability to filter the tweets, find notifications & activity on the same screen, direct messages & mentions and customize your feed to prioritize trending topics.

6. Tweetz


Tweetz is also another Twitter app for Windows 11 that is easy to use. It replicates your Twitter account’s data onto a desktop client. It has a simple interface as it only allows you to post and tag it from a PC. Also, it does not have any professional features like  Buffer or Fenice for Twitter.

Manage Your Tweets

However, the Twitter app does not seem much hospitable to third-party clients but the above-mentioned apps will surely help users to browse the social network and with ease to manage tweets. Also, these apps have fantastic designs, features, and settings that should be checked out. 

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