6 Best Alternatives To YouTube

Alternatives To YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video platform, but there are other options available. In this article, we present different alternatives to YouTube.

Youtube is a well-known app on which you can watch movies, news, and so on. People also love to live stream on this platform to earn more and more. It has a number of features like you can download the content to watch it later, provides an update of what’s popular in music, gaming, beauty, news, learning, and so on. However, almost 300 hours’ worth’s video is uploaded on YouTube and over 5 billion videos are watched every day on this platform. Well, it is easy to stream on Youtube but it is hard to stand out for a long time. 

Moreover, irrespective of its fame many of its users are moving away from this platform because of claims of censorship and dishonest promotional techniques. Well, in this article, we will tell you the top 6 alternatives to YouTube, where you can upload and watch different content. So, let’s get started!!

Top 6 Best Alternatives

There are a number of alternatives to YouTube but here, we will tell you about the top 6 alternatives. They are as under: 


Alternatives To YouTube

Vimeo is one of the known online platforms in which there are simple tools that any streamer, team, and organization can use to create, manage, and share high-quality videos. Like YouTube, Vimeo player is embedded into websites and its easy-to-use & sleek interface is preferred by most people. There is a large amount of free content to watch like featured short films from all over the globe. Its on-demand service allows its users to purchase movies, publications, and comedy content directly from the producers. Also, you can follow the creators, mark videos to watch them later which automatically creates a showcase.

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Dailymotion is also one of the oldest and most well-known platforms for video hosting. It is a french site that works with an internet facility. In the past, it was the main competitor of YouTube. Now, after years, it is still the well-known choice of videos of any type. Well, for those who are fond of news then, it is considered a good option for them. This site has news with front-page links to prominent news stories from a region and separate tabs for entertainment and music news. Also, you can explore the latest and greatest news, highest quality music, sports, and so on. Moreover, you can build and create your own library.


Twitch is also one of the well-known platforms that are used for live streaming. This site gives you a chat facility while playing games. It has gained popularity in recent years and is famous among young people to watch content online. This site is used for live streaming and you can also chat with your famous streamers in real-time. It has featured videos on demand and also, fresh content is uploaded by the creators. Viewers can also support the stream directly via subscriptions and donations. This is also considered a good alternative to YouTube as it keeps its users up to date regarding news, sports and so on.


Alternatives To YouTube

Veoh is also a well-known streaming app and streamers upload content for their viewers. This site has a variety of films and television shows. You can easily watch your favourite content on this site. If you are a lover of animated movies or cartoons then, this site has a huge collection and has an intuitive search system so that you can easily get your favourite content. It differs a bit from other live streaming sites because it uses legal peer-to-peer video streaming along with traditional online media servers. You can use this site for watching your own choice content or you can save it to watch them later. 


Metacafe is one of the oldest online streaming platforms. This site has funny, interesting, or downright bizarre short video clips. In the earlier days, Kipkay the famous streamer got fame while working on this site and is considered the largest creator. Well, it was considered one of the best platforms for earning online via making videos and uploading them on this platform. But, this policy has changed in recent years. This site has a variety of content that makes it more enjoyable. It is considered a good alternative to YouTube. 

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