How to Make Microsoft Edge Your Default Browser

microsoft edge default browser

In this article, we tell you how to make Microsoft Edge your default browser in the upcoming section. So, let’s get started!!

Browser is considered an essential utility as it enables you to surf the net. You only need to log in to your mail client and also, can use a web app needed for day-to-day tasks. Microsoft Edge is an internet browser created by Microsoft that is installed by default on all new Windows PCs. It is considered the most useful browser for Windows and syncs your passwords, favorites, and settings across multiple devices. Also, it takes its own sweet time to catch up with the competition when it is having essential features and functionalities. Nonetheless, now, Microsoft Edge is an appealing prospect and if you are using Windows-based devices more often than any other operating system then, it is considered a good option.

How to Make Microsoft Edge Your Default Browser

Microsoft Edge Default Browser

Windows is Microsoft Edge’s home turf, the browser is optimized for best performance along with carrying the Windows 11 design language. It is also the default browser in Windows out of the box, but if you changed it to something else and wish to switch back to Edge, here’s how you can do it. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  1. Head to the Start Menu then, either click the ‘Settings’ tile placed in the ‘Pinned apps’ section (or search it on a search bar of Start Menu).
  2. From the Settings window, click the ‘Apps’ tab placed on the left sidebar.
  3. From the right section of the window, click the ‘Default apps’ tile to proceed further.
  4. On the ‘Default apps’ screen, either scroll down to locate the Microsoft Edge tile or use the search bar placed under the ‘Set defaults for applications’ label to search for a browser.
  5. When located, click the ‘Microsoft Edge’ tile to proceed further.
  6. Locate the ‘Make Microsoft Edge your default browser’ tile and click the ‘Set default’ button to let Microsoft Edge open all the basic file types and links on a browser. This will change some but, not all default file types to open with Edge.
  7. Also, if you wish to open specific file types (such as PDF or mail sending hyperlinks to open with Chrome). Scroll down to locate the ‘.PDF’ section and click the tile present below. This will bring a separate overlay window on a screen.
  8. From the overlay window, select the ‘Microsoft Edge’ option then, click the ‘OK’ button to apply. Now, you will see the tile showcasing Microsoft Edge.

That’s it. Now, you have set Microsoft Edge as the default browser on your Windows device.

Setting Microsoft Edge your Default Browser on macOS

Edge has very close integration with Windows operating system, switching the default browser to Edge on macOS is far more suitable and simple when compared to the process in Windows. Well, there are two ways you should be aware of to make Edge your Default browser on your macOS device. So, let’s go ahead!

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Using System Preferences on Mac

You can quickly shift to Microsoft Edge without launching the browser on your device. However, the process literally takes 3 clicks to switch your default web browser. To do so, follow the steps:

  1. Launch the ‘System Preferences’ app either from the dock (or from the launchpad of your device).
  2. On the ‘System Preferences’ window, click the ‘General’ tab from the grid of options.
  3. On the next screen, locate the ‘Default web browser’ section and click the drop-down menu placed on the right side of the option.
  4. Then, click to select the ‘Microsoft Edge’ option from the list to make the Edge your default web browser.

That’s it. Now, you have successfully changed your default web browser to Microsoft Edge.

Using Browser Settings

If you read this guide from Edge browser on your macOS device but, do not like opening the System Preference app only to change the default browser. So, you are lucky that you can do so from the Edge browser itself.

  1. First, launch the Edge browser either from the launchpad (or from the dock if not already open).
  2. From the Edge home screen, click the ellipsis icon placed on the top-right corner of a window. Then, from the overflow menu locate and click the ‘Settings’ option to proceed further.
  3. From the left sidebar click the ‘Default browser’ option to proceed.
  4. From the right side of the window, locate the ‘Default browser’ section.
  5. Then, click the ‘Make Default’ button. This will bring an overlay prompt on a screen.
  6. From the prompt, click the ‘Use Microsoft Edge’ button to apply the changes and to make Microsoft Edge your default browser.

That’s it, folks! We hope that this guide on how to make Microsoft Edge your default browser will help you efficiently to change your default browser on Windows and macOS devices. For any queries, do lets us know and also, share your thoughts with us in the comment box mentioned below.

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