How to Reset Siri Voice Recognition

Reset Siri Voice Recognition

Siri can help you a lot in your daily life, but frustration is there when it is not working. So, let’s help you in this by giving you the options to reset Siri voice recognition.

Apple company has introduced the most efficient devices in the marketplace. These devices have several features i.e., built-in accessibility through options including speech (Siri), screen magnification (Zoom), inverted colors, bold text, large cursor, and built-in video magnifiers or screen readers (VoiceOver) for reading printed materials. Well, Apple’s voice assistant (Siri) come a long way since its introduction more than a decade ago. It has not only become more refined at understanding you. Also, the range of tasks it can perform has increased substantially.

However, one of the best changes to Siri is the addition of the hands-free “Hey Siri” experience. Whether you are driving or busy elsewhere, just ask Siri to perform a task for you without picking up your phone. Well, it is quite frustrating if Siri is not picking up your commands anymore. Luckily, it is easy to clean and begin a new one with Siri. Also, you can reset the previous configuration and train it to your voice again.

How to Reset Siri Voice Recognition

Reset Siri Voice Recognition

Before moving further, the first and foremost thing is that make sure of something else in not cause any trouble. If Siri is not working then firstly, make sure that Siri is turned on. To reset this, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Head to the Settings app on your iPhone then, scroll down to Siri & Search option 
  2. Make sure that the toggle button of ‘Listen for “Hey Siri”’ option is turned On 
  3. Also, make sure that the toggle button of Allow Siri When Locked’ option is turned On. If it is Off then, your device can’t listen to Siri requests and it creates doubts like Siri is not working.

Moreover, even after enabling these options, you are still facing the issue then, it is time to reset the Siri. 

Resetting “Hey Siri”

To do so, follow the simple steps:

  1. Head to the Settings app on your iPhone then, scroll down to Siri & Search option 
  2. Turn off the toggle button of the ‘Listen for “Hey Siri”’ option (i.e., it does not affect Siri in any way, neither no data is deleted nor other settings affected (like language, voice, etc). 
  3. Now, turn on the toggle again and voice recognition for Siri will appear on a screen. Say aloud phrases to fine-tune the Siri to make it understand your voice. 

Moreover, when resetting Hey Siri then, make sure to speak naturally as you do. Don’t try to change your accent so that Siri would understand you clearly. Similarly, do not change the speed, volume, or tone and must speak naturally. Once, you are done then, Siri will hear your commands and your issue might get resolved too.

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Still facing an issue

If Siri is still creating an issue then, you should some of the settings that might resolve this issue. 

Check out the language for Siri, if it does not match the one you speak then, Siri might get in trouble. To do so, go to the settings of your device.

Also, check which language is selected and if it matches your language. For e.g, even for English, there are many options available. Tap the option to open the list of languages available. Then, choose the correct language if you have chosen wrong.

Moreover, Siri does not respond if your device is covered or lying down so, it can be the reason that sometimes causes the issue. But, you can change it too. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  1. Head to the Settings app and go to the ‘Accessibility’ option.
  2. Scroll down and tap the Siri option 
  3. Turn On the Toggle button of Always Listen for the “Hey Siri” option 

Now, after resetting and retraining Siri to your voice, it would not create any trouble for you. Simply, go ahead and ask Siri to do things to your content for you.

That’s it, guys. We hope that this article on how to reset Siri Voice Recognition proves helpful to you. Do share your reviews and don’t forget to share. Also, for any queries, comment in the comment box mentioned below.

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