How to Create a Folder in Start Menu on Windows 11

Folder in Start Menu

Start menu has a lot of scattered apps and you can create a folder in start menu to organize them.

Window 11 is the latest and the most advanced window introduced in the market. It enables you to do your assignments or office work quite efficiently. It has several advanced features like task view and virtual desktops, take screenshots, quick settings & notifications, snap layouts, and so on. Well, Windows 11 introduced a lot of new and elegant design modifications. Start Menu acquired a redesign in the new Windows and received mixed reviews from users. But, some people love the simplicity of the Start menu in Windows 11 while others hate it.

However, the Start Menu in Windows 11 has none of the customization capabilities than Windows 10 as it has no live tiles, groups, other bells, and whistles. Also, Windows 11 shows a simple roster of pinned apps and suggested files with unreasonable customization capabilities. Nowadays, Microsoft is not bringing the live tiles back in Windows 11 (eventually) but, it is getting something back to allow users to customize their experience. Now, users create and curate folders in the pinned apps section of the Start menu. In this article, we will tell you how to create a folder in Start Menu on Windows 11 to organize your apps. So, let’s get started!!

How to Create a Folder in Start Menu on Windows 11

Folder in Start Menu

If the pinned apps section of the Start menu is becoming chaotic too but you are not ready to unpin some of these apps, organizing them in folders will bring some ease for you. However, folders also mimic the groups from Windows 10, which you can use to organize your apps. Well, having all your games and productivity apps in particular folders which surely going to make life easier for you. To do so, follow the simple steps:

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  1. To create a folder in the Start menu, drag one app on top of another and release it there.
  2. It will automatically create a folder as it will only display the app icons in the minimized state.
  3. Click the folder, it will expand above the Start menu and you can see all the apps in it and open them.
  4. To add more apps to the folder, drag them to the folder in its minimized state (as it will show the first four apps only in the minimized state).
  5. Also, you can rearrange the apps within the folder simply, drag an app and release it to its new location in the folder.
  6. To remove an app from the folder, drag it out of the folder, release it anywhere in the pinned apps section. It will be removed from the folder automatically and appear to the right side of the folder on the Start menu no matter where you drop it.
  7. Drag all the apps out of that folder to delete the folder.
  8. Now, you cannot name the folders but, this is an earlier version only of the functionality. Also, Microsoft works to bring the ability to name and rename the folders in the next releases.


However, folders bring additional functionality to the Start menu while still keeping the Windows 11 artistic. Well, it may not be the Start menu from Windows 10 but, it bridges some of that gap (no matter how much limited).

That’s it, guys. We hope that this article on how to create a Folder in Start Menu on Windows 11 to organize Apps will prove helpful to you. Do share your reviews and don’t forget to share. For any queries, do let us know in the comment section mentioned below.

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