How To Level Up On Steam

Level Up On Steam

This article is all about how you can level up on steam the fastest way, follow the guide and get it done.

Steam is the most important digital video game distribution platform which has already millions of registered users. This is a very interesting app for any video game junkie as it not only lets you buy them at a lower price and it also gives you the chance to keep in touch with other payers. To have access to this app firstly, you have to register yourself on it that is completely free of cost which as a result, opens up a world of possibilities as far as buying and playing games are concerned. Well, you can also level up on the Steam platform.

Levelling up on steam is a quite simple and easy process. You earn XP through various tasks, the main one being badge crafting, and once you earn enough XP you level up. Well, there are some strategies to level up quickly on the Steam app. In this article, we will let know how to level up on Steam. So, let’s get started!

How To Level Up On Steam

Level up on Steam makes your profile fancy and also, lets you allow to use showcases where you can feature your items and achievements along with other things. To do so, follow up the six best ways to level up on Steam and steps are the following:

1. Craft Game Badges

Level Up On Steam

This app has a badge crafting system that gives you loads of XP used easily to level up your steam account. If you are a beginner then for every badge you craft, your steam account will level up. This is considered the fastest method to level up your steam account but, the main drawback is that it is necessary to buy the trading cards from the community market to craft the badges. When you own the game, get up to the 3-5 badges (via in-game drops). Well, the more cards you buy > more badges you can craft > then, the faster level up on steam.

However, you need an exclusive set in order to craft a badge. Crafting game badge gives 100xp. Well, you can craft and level up a badge 5 times (a total of 500xp). For a 5 set card, you need 25 cards in total & so on.


Keep in mind a few things that can help you out greatly however you can craft game badges even you do not own the game. As long as you own the full card sets you can easily craft a badge.

  • Always complete the 5 cards and 8 card sets. The rest of the sets become worthless as they get expensive really fast. Also, you get the same XP if you craft a 5 card set as compared to a 12 card set (i.e., a 5 card set is quite cheaper than a 12 card set).
  • You can get the best and cheapest cards from games that are not much popular. I preferred hacket game cards (i.e., considered quite cheap cards).
  • Some cards are more expensive than others so, always buy cheaper ones to craft steam game badges
  • Craft badges during steam sales provide better chances of offers and coupons that might be proved useful. But make sure to collect badges earlier as their prices tend to spike during steam sales.
  • Always trade the items received from crafting badges if you are smart enough and only buy cheap card sets to not bear any loss in terms of money.

2. Buy Lots of Games

The more games you buy the higher the increase in level. This is considered a quite feasible way to do it in the beginning since the XP gathered is quite high prices in the beginning. Therefore, buy bundles of games to boost up XP more easily. Keep in mind that once you have more than 100 games, the amount of XP gained from games decreases gradually to a point. Then, you need to find a way of your own just for 250xp (which is not a good investment) so, step 1 is much better.

However, the approximate XP gains per game added according to the level are stated as under:

  • 1-9 games: 100xp +5xp per game
  • 10-24 games: 150xp +3.33xp per 10 above
  • 25-49 games: 150xp + 2xp per game
  • 50-99 games: 175xp + 1.5xp per game
  • 100-499 games: 250xp + 0.75xp per game
  • 500-2000+ games: 1xp per game added

As mentioned above you see that once you reach 100 games then, this step does not make any sense. Hence, you should better craft badges > to earn more XP & levels > at a lesser cost.

3. Complete Steam Profile

If you have not completed the steam profile yet then complete your steam profile easily. Simply, do the requested challenges to get 5 steam levels. It is the most comfortable way to raise your steam account level. A completed steam profile is necessary and is free to do. But, you just have to do some basic tasks i.e., adding steam guard, commenting, and liking guides. Items, and so on.

However, you have to complete all the tasks to get the Bonus 5 Levels. Hence, the more you complete the better you will get. You will finally get the community Leader Badge (which is 500xp).

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4. Use Steam Sales and Holiday events

During Holiday and Sales events you can buy plenty of games at cheaper rates. You can buy trading cards and craft badges which will give you bonus cards during sales. As you can see in the image below steam recently had the summer sale where you got extra cards for crafting badges and also, buying games during the sale.

However, make sure to be a part of most of these events to get your level-up easily. By following this step, you can also easily level up your accounts to any level you need but, you have to spend a little time. Also, make sure to check out the latest events regularly.

5. Community tasks and Helping the Steam Community

This step is for those who don’t like to spend money on badge crafting and buying games. Well, this will work more significantly in the later stages if you ask me but it is yet possible. You can get diverse types of badges for existing a very helpful member of the community. Also, you can get the basic community badges by doing and completing the simple tasks shown on the level page of your steam account.

However, for other community contributions, there are other bonuses that are stated as under:

  • Translators (who are in the Top) — get a badge worth 100 XP
  • Steamworks developers — get a badge worth 500 XP
  • Community moderators — get a badge worth 500 XP (i.e., can be done if you are actively willing).
  • Valve employees — get a 1000 XP bonus (i.e., you need to get a job at Valve) {Which is much harder than you think)

6. Steam Years of Service achievement

Steam Years of Service achievement award 50 XP per year to your account. So, if you are on steam for more than 15 years then, you will get 750 XP. 7 level is right there if you are a new user. But this is something that happens automatically without doing anything. Well, make sure the steam account is active.

Hence, this is probably the easiest way to automatically level up your steam account though it takes much time. Well, rather use badge crafting and community achievements.

Final words

Steam is the biggest gaming platform where you can purchase and play games with your friends and random players. But sometimes you need to level up your steam account to unlock specific perks. This article is all about how you can level up on steam in an easy way.

If you have any problems with this guide, let us know in the comments section below. Do share with us what is your steam level and how high you want to go.

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