Use Invisible Ink in iMessage on iPhone and iPad

Invisible Ink in iMessage

Want to send a message to someone but don’t want them to read it, try this Invisible Ink in iMessage.

In this advanced world, people love to use devices for having chats, sending documents or emails for office work or playing games, and so on. iOS devices are most devices that people love to use and prefer because these devices work quite efficiently. iPhone has an iMessage facility that lets its users keep in touch via chit-chat, voice, or video call with friends or family. 

Moreover, iMessage offers its users a fun way to send hidden messages to their friends or other users. It is considered a great way to have mess with friends or family. Nonetheless, if you don’t want some specific people to see your message and annoy you about it, we got your back. The receiver might know what is cooking, but he won’t be able to see inside the pot. Well, on an iOS device, sending a message with invisible ink is quite easy and we are one hundred percent sure that you might not be aware of it. You can easily hide that message with the cool effects you can find in the iMessage app. 

Furthermore, in the article, we will let you how to apply this effect to the iMessage app. So, let’s get started.

How to send iMessage via Invisible Ink?

Invisible Ink in iMessage

You can apply the effect on the iMessage app quite easily. To do so simply, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Head to the iMessage app and send either text or a video to someone
  2. Tap and hold the ‘send’ option then, send with effect option will appear on a screen
  3. Now, tap the dot placed next to the ‘Invisible ink’ option 

Moreover, you will see the preview of what the message will appear using invisible ink. Now, tap the arrow icon to send a message. If you return the message without using the effect then, press the ‘x’ (cross) icon. The message (via invisible ink) will appear with a shimmery animation that would hide its actual contents. However, to read the message via invisible ink the receiver has to swipe across the full message to display it. When you click up and down on a screen then, a message will again reach its hidden state. 

Note: Keep in mind this offer is for iMessage users only. If you send a message from iPhone to an Android device then, you can see this effect only while the other person will receive a message “Sent with invisible ink”. 

Final Words

Having an iPhone has its perks and some exclusive features that Android users can never enjoy. While they rely on 3rd-party apps to send private messages, iPhone users can do it with the built-in tools. If you haven’t heard about the invisible ink in iPhone, our entire article is just about that. Follow it and send your friends some deep messages without letting them know what is it?

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Feel free to leave a comment in case you have any problems and we’ll try to fix it ASAP. Do share with us how often you use these invisible ink in iMessage to prank your friends.

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