How to Change Minecraft Skin on PC or Mobile

Change Minecraft Skin

Playing Minecraft with boring Alex skin is no fun and creating your own skin requires time. So why not follow this guide and see how you can change Minecraft Skin.

Nowadays, Minecraft is a well-known game played by a large number of people. This game is considered an international phenomenon because more than 200 million copies of Minecraft are sold. Minecraft is more fun when it is played with other players on a domain or server all your own especially when customizing appearance with a customized skin.

However, this game has a nearly unlimited chance with the players who are creating extremely complicated movie entertainments, villages, and so on. But it does not actually expand to your default character skin. Well, you can change the Minecraft Skin either on PC or Mobile. 

Moreover, there are a variety of skins available on the internet. If you are a new user and you don’t know how to change it then, don’t get worried. We will help you to find one you love and tell you how to use it in the Minecraft game. So, let’s get started!

Where Minecraft Skins be found?

Change Minecraft Skin

If you are interested in having a custom skin for your game then, you must know where these skins are found. As there are a number of well-known sites that enable you to have access to dozens of skins without paying any cost. Well, the following are the sites that provide skin for free and are the following: 

  • The Skindex: It is a robust search engine and this site has a number of skins to choose from that are free of cost. Also, you can upload your own-made skins as well as you can edit the existing skins as per your own choice. 
  • This is another well-known site that has a collection of skins available for free. This site has different categories so you can have a choice between TV, Movies, Games, People, Mobs, and so on.
  • PlanetMinecraft: This site has a treasure trove of having different resources for this game. It does not have only skins but also has maps and texture packs.

Hence, from the above-mentioned sites, you can choose the skin of your choices as well as you can make a skin of your own preference. So, take the time to customize your own character the way you like.

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Changing Minecraft Skin on a PC

There are a number of ways to change the skin on a PC that is simple & easy to follow. Well, to do so, follow the steps given below:

  1. Head to the Minecraft Skins (third-party Minecraft skin site)
  2. Download the skin as per your choice which is then to be applied to your character {keep in mind where the downloaded file is placed (i.e., the Downloads folder)}.
  3. Now, head to the Minecraft official website
  4. Choose the menu icon and select the Profile icon (i.e., log in to the account associated with Minecraft) on your PC.
  5. Select the Browse button, select the downloaded file, and choose the Open option.
  6. Finally, click the Save button to upload your custom skin as per your choice

When done, the custom skin will then be automatically applied to your character on Minecraft’s game on a PC. That’s it!

Changing Skin via on a PC

You can change the skin through the site on a PC by following the simple steps given below:

  1. Head to and log in to your account 
  2. Choose the Skins option placed on the left side of a screen
  3. Two options will appear i.e., a wider variant and a skinny version so, choose any one of them as per your own choice
  4. Now, scroll down and choose the Select a File option 
  5. Choose the downloaded skin you downloaded earlier and then, click the upload option 

However, when it is done then, it will automatically change the skin of your character when you play the game. 

Changing Skins via Minecraft Launcher on a

Another way to change the skin is through Minecraft Launcher on a PC. Well, to do so, follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Launch the Minecraft game and click the Skin option placed on the top of a screen. This will display all the skins you recently added to the game and also, the recently equipped skin.
  2. If your recent skin is not available in the library then, click the Add to Library option to add all the skins which will be then available to you. 
  3. If you want to add a new skin then, choose the New skin option and give the skin a name. 
  4. Now, click the Browse option and choose the skin you saved earlier, select the skin and press the OK option. 
  5. Then, click the Save option to save the new skin in the library or choose Save & Use option to store it in a library

Hence, hover the cursor on your skin and click the Use option to apply it to your character. It does not make any difference in your game as it is basically a cosmetic choice.

Changing Minecraft Skins on Mobile

It might be a little different than changing skins on PC, but it is still pretty easy. You only need 4-5 steps and you are done.

  1. Open your Minecraft app.
  2. Visit your Profile.
  3. Select a Character and tap on Edit character.
  4. Tap on Owned, then tap on Import.
  5. Finally, tap on Choose New Skins.
  6. This will open the photo library on your device, if you have skins downloaded, you can choose and apply one.

Note: If you haven’t downloaded a skin, you can grab one from the internet, save it on your device and follow the above steps. Though you have to choose the right image, otherwise, the game won’t recognize it.

Once you are done choosing the skin, you can begin playing the game.

Final Words

Your Minecraft skins are the best way to show your personality in the game. It doesn’t matter which mode you are playing, don’t use the stock or some boring skins. The internet is full of choices, find your desired ones and change skins as you like. If you have any queries, do let us know in the comment section below.

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