Why Can’t I Add Someone on Facebook?

Add Someone on Facebook

Trying to add new friends on Facebook and suddenly you see that you can’t? Well, follow below and check why you can’t add friends on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most well-known apps in the marketplace and many people love to use this app because this app has a number of features like chit chat, voice, or video calling with friends and family. This app also gives news about what’s going on in the whole world.

This app keeps you up to date either related to politics, shopping, or any other thing. When you add someone on FB, he can see what you follow or post and vice-versa. Well, you might come across a situation where you want to add someone, but the option to do so mysteriously disappears i.e., you can’t add someone on Facebook

However, there are a number of reasons that you can’t add someone on Facebook, and automatically, it does not mean he/she has blocked you. Well, if you are wondering what some of these other reasons behind it might be. So, let’s take a look at the below-mentioned list to find out which one issue is creating a fuss for you.

1. Privacy Settings 

The main reason behind being unable to add someone on Facebook is that they might have changed their privacy settings. Well, Facebook’s privacy settings have a few options that might not let you add someone. If he/she has set his/her Friend Request privacy set as the “Friends of Friends” option. If you have no mutual friends then, probably you can’t be able to send him/her a request. 

Note: If you still want to send a request then, message and ask them to send a request to you. Well, just be aware that since you are not friends, your message will be on the person’s message requests page. So, it may take a while before they see your message. 

2. Account Is Deactivated

You can not be able to add someone if that person’s account has been deactivated. Well, when someone deactivates the account, usually his/her account will show up in some form unless he/she deletes it. Nonetheless, no one can send friend requests to them as long as the account is deactivated. 

Moreover, if someone decides to log into the Facebook app after deactivating the account, it will show up again in the list. Also, they can still use Messenger even the account is deactivated so if you are interested to send them a message then, you can. 

3. You Have Been Blocked

On the Facebook app, a person by his own choice can block someone from viewing the profile or having interaction with them in any way. Except being unable to see the profile also, you can not see the posts, photos, comments, and can’t be able to send the messages. Well, you can check if someone has blocked you or not by trying to send a message. If you are unable to send a message at all then, you likely have been blocked. 

4. You Blocked Them

If you are trying to add someone but can not access their profile, this might happen because you actually have blocked that person. If it is been a while since you did this act then, it is entirely possible for you to forget. 

However, you can also check who you have blocked as the Facebook apps keep a blocklist too. To do so simply, go to Settings & Privacy > then, Settings option > click Blocking. Well, on this page, you will see a list of people you have blocked earlier, and also, you can check out to see if a person you are trying to add is here or not. However, to unblock the people simply, select the Unblock button in front of their name. 

5. Reached a Maximum Friend Limit

In this app, there is actually a limit defined about how many friends you can have on the Facebook app. However, if someone has reached the 5000 friends limit then, you will no longer be able to send him/her a friend request. If you try to add more friends then, the Facebook app will notify you that the person has reached its maximum limit. 

Moreover, if someone who has reached the max limit sends you a friend request then, you still not be able to add them this way. Well, if you try to accept the request, the Facebook app will not allow you to add them to your friend list or you to their list. Nonetheless, you definitely can still send messages to anyone who has reached a limit of 5000 friends or over

6. Already Sent a Request

There may be a possibility that you can check out if you have already sent a request to someone, as this will remove an option to add that person until they accept a request. If it is been a long time since you have sent a request and they still have not added you back then, it is quite easy to forget about it. 

However, if you want to give a reminder to someone to whom you sent a request or wanna ask them to add you back then, you still can be able to send a message to them. Well, it is possible that they forget to check the friend request’s list or it might be lost among other friend requests that person has obtained. 

7. Denied Your Request

There might be another possibility that the person has already rejected your friend request. Well, if you already sent a request and are doubtful about still seeing the Add Friend button. Then, the most probable reason behind this is that they rejected your friend request. Nonetheless, you can give one more try to send another request, as long as the Add Friend button appears there.

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Moreover, if they already sent you a friend request and you rejected it. But now, you want to add them back then. You might not see the Add Friend button if they have done specific privacy settings. Also, they might send you a request again. 

8. Facebook Restricted an Account

Occasionally, if someone is reported by the Facebook app many times or they found to be working against the Facebook guidelines? Then there might be a possibility that the FB app restricts the person’s account for a specific time duration. This time period might be of a few hours to weeks. During this specific time, the person will not be allowed to perform specific activities. However, there might an issue that you are then, not allowed to add a person. Well, you can wait for a while and try again to check out again to see if you can to do add someone. Occasionally, the Facebook app might also restrict the person’s capability to use Messenger so, you can not be able to contact them either way as well.

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