How to Block Tracking on iPhone

Block Tracking on iPhone

In this advanced world, everyone has a smartphone which is considered a basic part of life. These devices have reduced the distance among people and on these, with a single click you can know what is happening in this vast world. However, more than half of the people wish to have iPhone devices because of their design and working system. Well, this device has advanced features like a camera, speed, privacy protection & so on. But, one of its unique features is that it blocks tracking so that no one can trace you. 

Moreover, people are aware of the disregard that several companies and apps show for their data. But, they are much concerned about the protection of their data. Luckily, Apple company pays attention in this regard and prevents the tracking process over the apps. It also enhances privacy features by containing stricter and more transparent privacy policies into it. Nonetheless, you can find ways how to block the tracking of apps. As apps might request permission from you to track you over other apps or websites. 

Also, in the upcoming section, we will let you what it is and how to block it. Without any further ado, let’s go ahead! 

What is Tracking? 

Before moving ahead, it is important to tell you what it is. What does tracking even mean? What exactly does the privacy feature even prevent? Well, it prevents other apps from tracking your activity beyond the app. 

Moreover, tracking occurs when you browse anything on the app or start seeing ads for the same products. Due to this, the app starts tracking what you are doing across other apps or websites you visit. Then, these apps or websites use the information received (either used for targeted publicity or sharing your data with data brokers). Furthermore, the app normally has access to your information (like user or device ID, your device’s recent Advertising Identifier, name, email address, & so on). When tracking is allowed for an app, the app then integrates this info with the info gathered by third-party apps or websites hence then, used to target ads to you.

Nonetheless, when your information is shared with data brokers then, it might be linked with publicly available information about you. So, block tracking is considered the best option that prevents it from accessing your Advertising Identifier.

Few Exceptions About Tracking 

In general, people should know that there are a few exceptions to tracking and they are the following: 

  • If the app developer uses your info on your device itself for targeted advertising i.e., if the info that recognizes you never leave your device, it does not come under tracking.
  • The app developer might be interested in sharing your info with a data broker for fraud detection or prevention then, it is not considered tracking too. 
  • If the data broker with whom the developer is sharing your info is a consumer reporting agency. Well, the purpose of sharing this info is to report on your credit activity (i.e., to determine your credit score or eligibility for credit). So, it does not come under tracking. 

How Block Tracking is done?

On iOS 15, block tracking can be done very easily. As Apple devices lead to more transparency so you can the app or website that tracks you on the App Store listing page for the app. Now, follow the simple steps given below:

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  1. Install a new app from the Play Store then, the app will ask for your permission to allow them to track you. A permission prompt will appear on a screen having two options i.e., ‘Ask App Not to Track’ and ‘Allow’. Tap the Ask App Not to Track option to not track you. 
  2. But if allowed an app to track your activity, you can change that option later as it is easy to block them later. 
  3. Open the Settings option display on the main screen on your device. Now, scroll down and tap the ‘Privacy’ option.
  4. Select the Tracking option from the list that appears
  5. The apps that requested permission to track your activity will be used as an identifier will appear in the list. Those who have got the permission have the toggle turned on (i.e., green in color). Well, to deny permission, tap the toggle again it is turned off which allows managing your preferences on a per-app basis.

How Block Tracking permanently be done?

You can block tracking permanently by disabling the apps option which will then track you and your data. To do so, follow the simple steps:

  • Open the settings option display on the main screen and then, search Tracking from the list that appears and click it.
  • At the top of Tracking’s page, the option appears i.e., ‘Allow Apps to Request to Track’. Simply, disabling the toggle button will automatically deny all tracking requests from apps. You don’t even need to deal with prompt messages.
  • iOS devices inform about any new app automatically that requests them not to track you. Also, for the previous apps that asked for permission to track you, you will get a prompt message (i.e., whether you want to allow them or block them).

However, app tracking is at the forefront of the iOS 15’s privacy features. Well, Apple devices have always been on a quest to safeguard their users’ privacy. It also has a number of other features like app privacy reports in Safari, iCloud+, Hides My Email, and so on.

Final Words

If you don’t want your data to be gathered by other companies, we suggest you better turn off tracking on your iPhone. That way they’ll never be able to know where you are and your activities. You won’t get annoying ads or promotions from companies and you can spend your time peacefully. Do let us know if you have any problems os issues with this article. Also, share with us why you want to turn off tracking on your iPhone or other devices.

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