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People love to stay in touch with friends, colleagues, and family via social media apps. These apps have made it easier to stay in touch and have fun with others. This app also has games so that people can play with one another for making time more enjoyable and memorable. Well, the Discord app is one of the well-known apps for online meetings, text, voice, and video calls with friends and family. You can easily make your own discord content server to chat with friends, family, and colleagues. There are a minute number of errors in this app that stops you to use this app.  Moreover, the major issue of this app is a Discord Stream issue which might sometimes become irritating for this app’s users.

This issue might occur mainly due to corrupted files and backdated drivers. Well, in this article, we help you out with how to solve this issue. So,  let’s go ahead!

How does this error occur?

Discord App is one of the famous apps that allows you to communicate with friends and family. The unique feature of this app is that you can stream your games and can share them with your friends and family. But, due to some bugs sound gets disabled. It mainly occurs due to a corrupted cache (or files) and incorrect (app or system) settings. So, try to fix these issues to resolve the sound issues. 

How to fix this issue?

To resolve the sound issue try out the below-mentioned fixes so, that you are able to hear the sound of the app again. Well, the following are the fixes:

1. Check Out Your Audio Settings

The first and foremost fix is to check your audio settings. Now, set your PC and Mac and choose an external device to connect with it as well as make sure that its volume is high. Well, for Windows, the discord app volume should be made high to hear the audio. Windows enables you to control the volume of the running apps because if the volume is low then, you are unable to hear the stream. 

On Windows

To check the audio settings on Windows then, follow the simple steps:

  1. Click the speaker icon placed in the taskbar then, select the Open Sound settings button. 
  2. Click the Sound Option from the list that appears on the left side then, click Choose your output device to choose the correct output device. When selected, click the Master volume slider to the right side to raise the volume. 
  3. Again click the speaker icon then, click Open Volume Mixer option to check out the individual volume levels for open apps.
  4. In the Volume mixer option, move the discord app slider in an upward direction to raise the volume. Well, if you are using this app’s web client then, make sure to move the slider in an upward direction for your chosen browser (i.e., Chrome).

On Mac

Follow the simple steps given below:

  1. To check out the audio settings on Mac simply, select the Apple menu icon > then, click System Preferences
  2. Select Sound option > then, click the Output option. Also, select the correct device for sound output from the list of options that appears. Then, click the Output volume slider to move it to the right side. Also, click the Mute checkbox to disable it. 

2. Using Apps in Windowed Mode

If you are interested in streaming a full-screen game on the Discord app then, this might cause many issues because this app (at present) does not support streaming while full-screen apps are open. Well, using apps in Windowed mode has the following merits:

  • It prevents you (and your friends or family) from hearing or seeing content as you started streaming.
  • Make sure to use apps only that have an option of windowed mode (either maximum or minimum). 
  • If the game enters the full screen automatically then, make sure to check out the settings which should then be changed to the default display mode.

3. Resetting of Discord’s Audio Settings

Resetting Discord’s app audio settings might help you out to improve the quality of a stream or call. Also, it may generate conflicts if the settings are not changed correctly. Well, the best way to rectify this error is simple i.e., to reset the Discord’s app audio settings to the default configuration.

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If you are interested to change your audio configuration then firstly, reset the voice settings and begin with the defaults to reduce the potential conflicts. To do this, follow the simple steps given below: 

  1. Open the Discord’s website or desktop app then, sign in to it and select the Settings icon placed on the bottom left side.
  2. Select the Voice & Video option and then, choose the option Reset Voice Settings placed at the bottom side.
  3. Discord app will ask you for the confirmation message simply, click Ok to reset the settings.

4. Changing the Discord’s Audio Settings

If the sound issue does not solve after resetting the app’s audio settings then, you should change some of the audio settings manually. You can do this task in either Discord app or web client). To do so, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Open the Discord app and click the Settings option placed on the bottom left side
  2. Choose Voice & Video option from the list that appears then, select the OpenH264 Video Codec slider to move it to the left side to disable hardware acceleration. 
  3. Now, select the Advanced Voice Activity and Automatic Gain Control slider to the right side to enable it. Well, this feature works if particular audio devices (like your Discord mic) aren’t working.
  4. Click the toggle of the Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority slider to the left side to disable it. 

5. Reinstalling the Discord App 

Another fix is to reinstall the Discord app (or switch it, if using the web client). This would be considered a good option for problems regarding potential streaming and ensures that the latest updates are installed. If you facing the issue, you should try out  Discord Canary which is an alpha test build of the Discord client. It also allows you to try out new features and also, gives you a chance to try out the latest fixes for eliminating errors. This Discord Canary also resolves some audio problems done by its latest fixes. Well, download either the latest stable release or Canary build from Discord’s website.

6. Check Out Your Audio Drivers

Windows automatically installs audio drivers but if you are using a new PC or just installed new hardware then, you may require to install them yourself. It also ensures that audio devices are working in Discord correctly. To do so, follow the simple steps:

  1. Right-click the Start menu and select the Device Manager option
  2. Click the option Sound, video, and game controllers then, right-click the High Definition Audio Device option and choose Update driver option
  3. Now, select Search automatically for drivers option and if a new driver is available on your PC, Windows will install it automatically. Otherwise, choose an option Search for updated drivers on Windows Update.
  4. If any update is available then, choose the Download & install option. When installed, restart your PC. 

Moreover, if there are no suitable drivers found for your device by Windows then, look out for drivers on the manufacturer’s website. For instance, if you installed a new motherboard then, you might require to install new audio chipset drivers for your PC’s audio output to make them operate correctly.

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