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People love to watch movies in their free time. There are a number of apps or websites that let you watch movies online. And there is always an option of downloading them to watch them later on. Netflix is the most well-known platform for watching movies online or downloading them to watch later. However, when you are traveling abroad and you are interested in watching a movie on Netflix? Then, you are out of luck. Well, not everyone has good network access or a good mobile service while traveling. Thus they are incapable of streaming on Netflix.

Nonetheless, Netflix has an option to give its users an opportunity to download the content. If you are a new user and do not know how to download? We will let you know how to download movies from Netflix. So, let’s go ahead with the article.

Downloading From Netflix On Windows

If you are interested to download movies from Netflix on Windows 10? Then firstly, download the Netflix app from Microsoft Store. Then, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. You are required to sign in to the app by entering your username and password as well as the app has an active subscription.  
  2. Once signed in to the app then, search the movie you are interested to download. Before you begin to play it, press the Download icon. You will repeat this step for each of the series or TV shows.
  3. Once the downloading starts, you can cancel or press it by pressing the circular progress icon that replaces the downloading icon. To pause it or cancel it you can press the Pause Download or Cancel Download option. 
  4. You can view a list of current downloads as well as a downloaded list from the My Download option. You can check the downloading list by pressing Downloading progress bar placed at the bottom of an app to access it. Another way to access this is by choosing the hamburger menu icon placed on the left side and then, pressing the My Downloads button.
  5. There is also an option Smart Downloads which tells you about the next TV show or series placed at the top right side which can download by deleting the old series.
  6. If you want to disable the Smart Downloads option then, press the Smart Downloads slider to the left side to disable it.
  7. To play the series you downloaded, press My Downloads then, click the play icon placed at the center of a content thumbnail. 
  8. To delete it simply, click the tick icon placed in the bottom right corner then, select the Delete Download option to delete it.

That’s it, follow these steps to either download the movie. Or delete the old one to watch the new one on Netflix while having a good internet connection. 

Downloading From Netflix On Android, iPhone, Or iPad

If you are interested in downloading the movie on Android, iPhone, or iPad then, download the Netflix app on it. This app also supports offline download content to watch later. It also allows you to watch your favorite TV shows offline. So, follow the simple steps:

  1. You will download the Netflix app from Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App Store for iPhone or iPad. Once installed, sign in to the app via active subscription. 
  2. Now, select the movie or series you want to download then, click the Download button placed at the top and hence, below the play button. 
  3. To view the old and current downloads, click the Download button placed on the bottom right side of the app’s main screen. 
  4. There appears a Smart Downloads option that ensures a next available episode of a series is downloaded and automatically deletes the old which you watched earlier. Well, to disable this option, tap the Smart Downloads slider to the left side. 
  5. To play the downloaded content click the Play button placed at the center of the thumbnail. If you want to delete it click the Tick icon and select the Delete Download option to delete it. 
  6. If you want to adjust the quality of movies? Then, click the More option from the home screen of the app > click App settings > tap Download Video Quality menu > then, click either Standard (fast downloading) or High (takes more time and occupies more internal storage).
  7. To delete all the movies you downloaded then, click Delete All Downloads button and press Ok.

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Enjoy The Movies Offline!!

 Now that you know how to download and save movies from Netflix, make sure to download the desired ones only. Since it takes space, you can’t download a lot of moves. Moreover, you can only save movies in Netflix app so you can’t run on any media player on your device. You can watch those saved movies anytime you want, without any need for the internet to run the app.

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