How to Fix Microsoft Teams Microphone

Microsoft Teams Microphone

In this pandemic situation, people love to attend meetings online via meeting apps. These apps have made work a little easier because for attending meetings, classes, or events you are only required to have a good internet connection. The Microsoft Teams app is one of the well-known collaborations and communication tools. This app allows you to attend meetings, classes, or events quite easily and work remotely. Sometimes, this app faces some errors like the Microphone not working or the Camera not working. But, sometimes the app does not have the issue, it might be on a PC. Moreover, there might be some reasons like missing driver problems, corrupted MS Teams app, & so on that caused this error. Well, we will let you know how to fix Microsoft Teams microphone in the upcoming section. So, let’s go ahead with the article.

Fixes for Teams Microphone Not Working

Before moving ahead, try out some simple solutions that cause this issue. This problem mainly arises due to simple reasons like the microphone being muted by chance, teams not being updated & so on. But, the Teams app works well on your side while the person on the other side can’t hear you properly. For such reasons, try out the below-mentioned fixes:

Make Sure the Mic is Not Muted

Mircosoft teams work very efficiently while making a call. When you receive a call on the app, the microphone is turned On (by default). Due to some error, it accidentally turns off by pressing a shortcut key. Make sure that it is not turned off on the Teams app. If the mic symbol is crossed then, it means that it is disabled. To turn it on simply, open the app and click the mic button to enable it. Also, you can try toggling the mic on or off many times and check if this error is resolved or not. Some devices have a button for the microphone then, make sure that this button is not muted.

Restart the Teams App

Another fix is that you should be quitting the Teams app and launching it again. Open the system tray or from the taskbar, right-click on the team’s app icon and select the Quit option. If an app is still running then, quit this app from the Task Manager. 

  1. To do so simply open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc simultaneously on a keyboard. 
  2. Then, click Processes tab > locate Teams app and right-click on it > select End Task
  3. Once, the app is closed then, launch it again and check whether the mic issue is resolved or not. 

Restart your PC 

If restarting an app does not work then, you should restart your PC to solve this issue. By doing this, it will clear the RAM (PC’s memory) and connect your microphone again. This fix will surely work out and solve the microphone issue. 

Update Windows and Teams App

To fix this issue, make sure that you have updated your Windows and also, have installed the latest version of the Teams app too. Well, if there are errors in the Teams app or with a microphone then, Windows will try to rectify these issues with its updated features. 

For Windows Updation: To check updates for Windows, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Click the Start menu and locate the window Settings option, click it
  2. Search out the Windows Update option from the list and then, Check for the updates option placed on the right side
  3. If there are pending updates available, install them and then, restart your PC.

For Teams App updation: To update this app’s latest version then, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Open the Teams app and click the three dots icon placed on the top right side
  2. Select settings option from the list that appears 
  3. On the left bottom side click the About Teams option 
  4. If there appears an option Check for updates on the right side, click it and if it is already updated then, there appear No updates.

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Check Microphone Hardware & Connect Microphone before Calls

If you are using a microphone or any external hearing device then, make sure that this device has no fault in its hardware system. Well, you check this device is working or not by trying it out on a voice recording app, connecting, and using it on other devices like tablets or mobile. If it is working then it is good. 

Moreover, when you plug in a device with a microphone in the mid of the call in the Teams app then, this app fails to recognize a microphone of your device. In such cases, connect your device before making calls or close the app. Then, connect the device and start the app again. 

Microsoft Teams Microphone

Software tends to stop working in many cases, but there are easy solutions for them. But when it comes to hardware, thighs get a little messy. So, as long as your software is at fault, we can help, but for the hardware, you’ll need to visit the repair store. They’ll take their fee, but who cares if they do the job perfectly. You won’t experience it again and thus you are okay with using your mic however you want.

Do let us know if you experience any problems while following the article, or you can’t understand a step. Also, share with us how you manage you solve this problem, so we can add that method in our guide.

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