Best Free Live Wallpaper Apps for Android

Live Wallpaper Apps

People love to use Android devices because of their cheap prices and good charging system. These devices have fascinating features which make this device more prominent in the marketplace. These have the more advanced wallpapers which enhance the beauty of a device. Well, this Android Operating System (OS) allow their users to have the facility to personalize their device’s interface. There is also an option of built-in themes on your device simply, install third-party apps, icon packs, or set any image of your choice as home and lock screen wallpapers.

Moreover, your usual wallpapers look already pleasing and appealing. Well, live wallpapers apps make your screen home or lock screen looks more amazing and extraordinary. Also, these wallpapers are often animated and have gesture abilities like tapping and tilting of a screen. In this article, we will let you more about the best live wallpaper apps for Android devices along with their features. So, let’s go ahead!!

Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei is an app that lets you install live wallpapers for an Android device. This app features different kinds of artwork via an opportunity to portray a new design every day. It is customizable, simple, and has both lock and home screen wallpapers. Also, you can adjust the blur, dimness, and grey of your wallpaper depending on your choice. This app is free of cost and runs very smoothly without draining your device’s battery system. 

Moreover, this app features some artworks like Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Claude Monet’s The Seine at Vetheuil. This app is simple and easy to use. One remarkable thing about Muzei is that it is an open-source app, which means that you can access its source code and also, can adjust its features if you are a programmer. Well, use to access the code. 

Paperland Live Wallpaper

Paperland is an app that also provides you with a lot of wallpapers for your devices. This app is free of cost and is a cute, customizable paper cut-out picture that seems like a diorama. You can also set the time of sunrise and sunset placed in the background. It also has automatic settings that let you know the time and weather of your place. The Weather information is provided by AccuWeather. 

However, there are some free themes like Silent Night and Desert Migration. The pro subscription has somewhat more amazing and festive themes like Christmas and Easter themes. Live wallpaper’s animation is lag-free when selected as a home screen’s background. 

Water Garden Live Wallpaper

Water Garden app also provides you with a set of live wallpapers which enhances the beauty of your device. It also gives you the peace of having a garden pond on your device. You can also set the look of your pond and feed koi having different sizes. You can feed the fish by double-tapping the screen of a device. This app is free of cost and has a kind of realistic animations without any lagging. 

Forest Live Wallpaper

Forest app is one of the live paper apps that sync the scenery with your location and weather that seems like reality. Well, you can customize the wallpaper by multisampling, changing colors, themes, manual weather & so on. You can also enable the 3D parallel effect that allows you to experience different animations whenever you tilt your device. One defect is that it does not run on all Android devices so if want this app then, try this on your device if it works or not. This app’s pro version has more fascinating and amusing themes or events like fireworks in the New Year. Well, this app is also free of cost.

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ASTEROID app is considered best for astronaut lovers and it offers a set of live wallpapers having asteroids in it. It has an asteroid floating in a blue space and you can change its direction by tilting your device. You can also customize the background, asteroid color rotation, asteroid type, and background color. This app also has a static image mode which displays a new picture every 10 seconds and this is considered good you can minimize the live wallpaper option to save battery consumption. Well, this app is free of cost and also, has its premium version. 

4D Live Wallpaper 

4D Live Wallpaper is considered one of the best apps because of its variety for home and lock screen wallpapers. This app’s wallpapers have different categories like 4D wallpapers, live wallpapers, or 4K wallpapers. You can choose the wallpaper of an idol, anime, tech, animal, games & so on. This app’s wallpapers have subtle animations that create a nice and deep illusion. You can customize wallpapers to be handled by your device’s sensors. Well, this app’s pretty cool thing is that you can your personal video as a live wallpaper on your device. Also, this app is free of cost.

Walloop Engine’s Live Wallpapers

Walloop Engine’s live wallpapers are considered to be on the top of the list because it has a broad category of wallpapers such as wallpapers related to anime, games, vehicles, superheroes to minimal and quote designs. Some of the designs have high-quality sounds and also, have the availability of ring tones too. This app’s wallpapers can also be applied on the lock and home screen too. But, to use this app, you simply have to sign in. Well, this app is free of cost and also, has a premium subscription option available. 

How to Customize Your Device?

There are many ways to do so, you can use apps or do it manually. Wallpapers play an important role in customization thus a good wallpaper can change the look of your device. Having live wallpaper brings a whole new look for your device as you can play around with the wallpaper. Though a live wallpaper might eat extra battery, it is with it.

Do share with us how you like to customize your device and what wallpaper apps you used the most for customization.

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