How To Right-Click With The Keyboard

Right-Click With The Keyboard

People who love to use computers either for their work purpose or playing games and a computer without a keyboard or mouse seems useless. In past, using a mouse was considered a bit weird thing to use. It was an expensive and peripheral tool that only professional people could justify. Nowadays, it costs only five bucks, and the whole computer operating system is run by this universal pointing device. 

However, if anything happens to this device (i.e., mouse) then, how is this problem gets solved. Well, in this article, we will let you how to solve this problem and how to make use of a keyboard to take control of a mouse in this kind of emergency. So, let’s go ahead with the article.

How to Right-Click With Keyboard than Mouse?

To operate a graphical user interface with the help of a keyboard (without a mouse), there are two main reasons that seem behind first, is the issue of accessibility. As many people lack the mobility to make use of a mouse easily in spite of having the facility of using a keyboard. The second reason is the failure of hardware and your mouse or trackpad stops working. For this, you need to fix the error on your computer (until its fixation or replacement of a system). 

Moreover, in some situations, keyboard shortcuts work more faster and efficiently than a mouse to operate a PC. Professional users already know this as keyboard shortcuts are considered more efficient for workflows. Well, you should try out keyboard shortcuts to using your mouse. There is nothing bad if you change the style of computer control that matches your requirements. 

How to Use Mouse Keys In Windows 10?

There is a feature called ‘Mouse Keys’ offered by Windows 10, which is designed for their users to control the keyboard with the cursor. To activate this function, follow the simple steps:

  • Click Start
  • Now, type Mouse Keys
  • Then, Click on Turn Mouse Keys On or Off

Moreover, to reach a more advanced set of Mouse settings follow the simple path:

Go to Control Panel > Ease of Access > then, click Ease of Access Center > Make the Mouse Easier to Use > hence, Set Up Mouse Keys

Once Mouse Keys get activated, move the cursor (via numerical keypad buttons). These buttons “/”, “*”, and “” will act as mouse buttons. “-” act as the right button of a mouse. In the advanced Control Panel settings for Mouse Keys, you can change how fast or slow the pointers moves, so you can easily right-click with the keyboard anytime.

How to Use Mouse Keys In macOS Catalina?

There is a feature only accessible to macOS (and offered by it) which allows you to make use of the pointer with the help of keyboard keys. It does not operate the same way as Windows does but it operates well. To get this feature activated, follow the simple steps:

  • Click the button Apple menu
  • Then, choose a button System Preferences
  • Choose a button Accessibility
  • Now, click the Pointer Control button
  • Then, click Alternative Control Methods
  • Finally, press an option Activate Mouse Keys

Also, you can activate Mouse Keys easily and quickly via the Command-F5 option or if you have a Mac with a Touch ID button simply, press it thrice. Many Macbooks and big keyboards do come with a number pad, you can use that number pad as right and left-click. Here “I” and Numpad “5” act as the mouse click. “M” and “0” will press and hold a button. In either scenario, the full-stop button will release a mouse.

How to Right-Click In macOS devices?

On macOS devices, the so-called ‘alternate click’ is not set up by default. So, if you try to right-click the keyboard then, nothing could happen. Well, you have to set up this option via Mouse in System Preferences placed under mouse or trackpad options. Then, this will give you access to the right-click when you touch with the two fingers (on a trackpad) or on the right side (via Magic mouse).

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By default, a mouse and keyboard are required to make the right-click. So, in order to make sure that your right-click works fine with the keyboard, make sure to press and down the keyboard. If you just press it, you’ll see a pop-up only, what you need is to bring out the information with right-click. And that only works by holding down the right-click button instead of just pressing it.

How to Use a Right-Click Shortcut Key?

In many keyboards, there is a dedicated shortcut key that works as a right-click. Highlight the folder or app and press that key and it will bring the mini-menu that pops up when you press the right-click mouse. If your default keyboard has no key like this, you can use keyboard mapping apps to set one key for such actions.

Even better, you can grab an external keyboard that contains a right-click key and use it instead of a mouse. While the mouse is important but in heat of the work, no one has time to use the mouse. Having a dedicated mouse key works much better than most itself.

Is Mouse still important?

Yes, the mouse is as important as a keyboard, but in most cases, people hate moving their hands to grab the mouse. Thus they want a keyboard to have all the necessary keys and a keyboard comes expensive. We have this guide to help you use your keyboard keys as mouse clicks. Do let us know if you have any problems relating to this article. Also, share with us how often you use a mouse or keyboard while you are working.

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