How to Enable or Disable YouTube Restricted Mode

YouTube Restricted Mode

YouTube is the most well-known social media platform where different contents are placed which everyone can enjoy and spend his time joyfully. This platform enables you to watch movies, dramas, songs, or any kind of content of your choice. There is also an option of watching a video later or offline when being downloaded. But, not every content is considered safe on it especially for children and teenagers. Well, to save and make them enjoy, YouTube restricted mode is there to hide some mature and dangerous content that adults can only see that content. 

Moreover, this is actually Youtube’s Restricted Mode feature which basically restricts the bad content and this mode enables parents and network administrators to block such contents that are considered unsafe for children and teenagers to view. Well, in the upcoming section, we will let you know more about this mode. Also, tell you how to enable and disable it (via your account). So, let’s go ahead !!

What is Restricted Mode on YouTube?

To make you know more about Restricted Mode firstly, we will let you know more about what type of content Google allows on its platform. However, when a Youtube channel is created the content creator should meet certain guidelines i.e., the content should be considered safe to view for a large audience. This truly means that there is no sexual, hateful, or dangerous content or simply, content having bad adult themes or bad languages is strictly not permitted. 

Moreover, the videos that do not follow the YouTube community guidelines are then, simply deleted or blocked. These decisions are being made with the help of a manual review or account-wide AI screening. The restricted mode is applied even if the content is not really bad to view but still contains some questionable content. This lowers the number of audiences except those who sign in the YouTube and are considered to be old enough to view such content. Restricted videos are unable to be viewed by people and later, can be deleted. If your restricted mode is on then, you are unable to view such videos. 

Furthermore, this mode is considered good enough or also, called a parental control feature that allows to restricts the un-safe and dangerous content in result, to be not viewed by the youngsters. This feature is also considered useful in some work or public settings (like on workplace PC) where it is not considered good to watch such content. 

How to Enable or Disable Restricted Mode on PC or Mac?

Restricted mode is considered safety mode and you can only disable it when signing in from your Google account. Your age limit must be more than 18 years for disabling this feature as the YouTube platform automatically restricts unsafe content for underage users. Moreover, it can block the viewed content as well as it also blocks the comments of the user too. You can disable it only when you are more than 18 years otherwise you are unable to do it (as the restricted mode is restricted based on your date of birth). 

Now, follow the simple and easy steps to enable or disable this mode (on Mac or PC) given below:

  1. Open YouTube in your browser and sign in to Youtube
  2. Select the Profile icon and locate Restricted Mode from the list that appears, click it
  3. Tap the Activated Restricted Mode slider to enable the mode (turns blue). Well, to disable this mode then, tap it again (turns grey). 
  4. If you want to enable restricted mode permanently then, tap the slider (turns blue). Now, select Lock Restricted Mode on this browser under it and then, authenticate it with a correct password.
  5. If you want to disable restricted mode permanently then follow this path: select Profile icon > then, Restricted Mode > now, select Unlock restricted mode on this browser (then, authenticate it with your account password).

However, these above-mentioned steps will help you out in disabling or enabling a Restricted Mode, and also, these steps will work out on the other devices too.

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How to Enable or Disable Restricted Mode on Mobile Devices?

Before proceeding further firstly, make sure that you are signed in to your account with the correct details. To disable or enable this mode on Android, iPhone, or iPad the steps will little vary. 

  • On Android

Following are the steps:

  1. Open Youtube and sign in to it 
  2. Select the Profile icon and then, locate the settings option 
  3. Tap the General option and select the Restricted Mode slider from the list that appears. Tap it (disable; turns grey)(enable; turns blue) and it’s done. 
  • On iPhone or iPad

Following are the steps:

  1. Open YouTube and sign in to it 
  2. Select the Profile icon and then, locate the settings option
  3. Tap Restricted Mode slider from the list that appears (enable; turns blue)(disable; turns grey) and it’s done. 

How to Protect Yourself on YouTube?

Despite Youtube being a friendly platform, there are people who post explicit content to get views fast. Even with all the care, after viewing 5-6 videos, you’ll be sure to see one video in the suggestion that is not safe to watch. Even in the kid’s mode, there are certain videos that will disturb the mental health of children, so to avoid all of them, you can either go manual mode or you can choose Youtube restricted mode. That way you can have better and more control over what you are watching and what your family is watching.

If you have toddlers around you and they are more into watching Youtube? You’ll need to enable the restricted version so they can watch what you choose for them.

Final Words

For the finale, I suggest that if you are picky about your viewing? Then you better keep the restricted mode On. But if you are among those who love to watch new content on a random basis? Then restricted mode won’t be a good option for you. Do let us know how good restricted mode turns out for you? Whether you like to disable it or enable it?

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