How to Play Wordle Game

Play Wordle Game

In this pandemic situation, people are looking for something that might appear fascinating to them. To get some relief from all this chaos, Wordle Game seems so popular having no-frills in it. Well, this game was created by Josh Wardle which later got viral in late 2021 and early 2022. On tweeter, several tweets about this game were mentioned. This platform is considered to be the biggest trend of 2022 because every day many posts have screenshots of this game with #trending and their scores is pasted.

Moreover, this game is a bit addictive but easy to play. This game is played online only without paying any cost and there is no official app for this game. This is can be played on mobile or a PC. Well, in the upcoming section, we let you know more about the game and so on. Now, let’s go ahead !!

Try to Understand Wordle Basics First

Wordle game is easy to play and releases one word in 10 hours. If you can not figure it out in 6 tries then, you lost the game. There are no tries in the Wordle grid besides 6 rows. This game is a riddle with no clues and you can find out the word in six tries with 5 letters at each attempt. When you enter a word and press Enter, the result that appears becomes a clue for the next word.

Moreover, the words when entered are colored. Each color has a crucial meaning to guess another word. These colors appeared when you type a word and hit Enter. There are three colors that appeared then;

  • Grey: If a block is a grey then, it is not a part of that word
  • Yellow: If a block is yellow then, it is a hint but is placed incorrectly
  • Green: If a block is green then, it is part of the word and is placed correctly

How to Setup Wordle Game 

Wordle game is in hard mode if you want to play it. This game can be played in dark mode i.e., in a dark environment, and a Color Blind Mode which makes the game visible to everyone with high contrast colors. Simply, click the settings button placed at the top-right on a game screen to have access to it and also, set these settings to launch this game.

How to Enable Hard Mode on Wordle

In the Wordle game, hard mode makes this game easier. When you enable this mode, you can use any clues in your successive guesses, which you get at your attempts. Well, to enable this mode, click Hard Mode placed on the Settings screen. This toggle should be green which indicates this mode is enabled.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Wordle

Wordle game also has a dark mode which makes the background black. This mode makes this more visible and vibrant. Well, to enable this mode, tap the toggle button to make it green in the Settings option. This tool allows you to make your game look more fascinating.

How to Enable Color-Blind on Wordle 

The color-blind mode makes your game’s experience better if you are a color-blind person. This mode when enabled helps you to choose the colors that best suit your sight. Also, green becomes orange, and yellow becomes blue. Well, to enable this mode, tap the toggle button to turn it orange. Then, the dark mode of this game will better perceive its colors on a screen. To disable it, click it again.

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How to Play Wordle Game

As for now, Wordle games is only available on the official websites, there is no official app yet but we’ll get it soon enough.

  1. Whether you are playing on mobile or your PC, you need to visit .The first test is about the five-letter word, there is no need to be specific on this, just type whatever comes to your mind.
  2. Playing on a desktop gives you an edge since you can type fast with a physical keyboard. On mobile, you first have to tap the screen to bring the on-screen keyboard and then type. Until the app is available, this is the only option for everyone.
  3. After you press enter, the colors you’ll see can help you in the next guess. Any letters in grey after the reveal should be avoided at all costs. A yellow block of color is a positive sign, it means that the letter is part of the word but just misplaced. Try to turn a yellow into green by guessing the correct letter.
  4. If the yellow letter turns green, you can take all the advantages, cause then you can continue to place all the letters in the same spot. This is the fastest way to crack the code, you just need to stay away from the grey letters.
  5. That’s it, keep doing that and you’ll be able to solve the wordle of the day. However, you can’t give up before you try all 6 attempts. You must give all the 6 shots to solve the 5 letter wordle, if you fail, then the game will reveal it to you.

Final Words

You can also check your states and the leaderboards by clicking the stats icon on the top. You’ll see all the details and your attempts in that same box, click the Share button to share it with anyone you want. You can even post your progress over social media for your friends to see.

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Worlde might be a new game but it is trending quite fast, it will be a matter of time before we get to Wordle at the top of games. Moreover, since there is no app available at the moment, you can’t expect to play it properly on mobile devices. But once the game will be available on mobile, it will reach the top in no time. Do share with us how many times you cracked Wordle and how fast you have done it.

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