How To Unlock a Phone With Free Unlock Phone Codes

Unlock a Phone

If you ever buy a device from a network carrier then, you are tempted by a great deal because this got a good chance which has got some prints which lock your device to the network provider from which you bought this device. So, this means that if you wish to switch the carrier then, it is not possible. It will not allow to take calls or use any data services. Well, the best thing about it is that you can unlock these your devices by simply, making use of an unlock code. However, we will let you know about how to get these unlocked, how you can use yours for free, how to unlock a phone in the upcoming section.

Is Unlocking Your Phone Legal?

If something comes under legal authority then, this depends only on a person that has a right to own or order his/her thing the way he/she likes to. You should be the owner of that thing or is it legal where you live. Well, every state has its own consumer laws that govern unlocking devices. 

However, in the US, you are allowed to unlock as long as your device is paid off entirely or have paid the termination fee on your contract. Well, if your device is set outright, it is considered legal for you to unlock your device. 

You Might Not Need a Code

If you yourself try to get code and try to unlock the device yourself. Then, it is considered better to try to contact the carrier and ask them to unlock your device for you or simply, guide you to unlock a device. Well, it is considered a good method because it will let you confirm whether you are eligible to unlock a device or not. 

However, if you are eligible (in the USA at least) carriers should unlock your device without paying any cost. So, contact them and try to fix this issue.

Moreover, to make it easier for you then, there are a few links related to unlocking eligibility checks for 4 major carriers (US):

  • AT&T
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon

Well, this is considered to be the first step for unlocking a device.

Unlock Codes Usually Cost Money, But Free Codes Exist!

If you can not get the code or can’t help from the carrier which sometimes seems impossible. It is either due to the device being used or you moved to another country.

Nevertheless of why you need a code to unlock a device, there are some online providers of the code of which they might get some cost from you for the privilege. Well, once again, in the US, carriers do work to unlock your devices so try to reach them first. However, one of the well-known sites is FreeUnlocks, which provides the first code for free (via a partnership) with TrialPay. Unluckily, other options available only look at the paid service or free services here seem to be scams or spams. So, FreeUnlocks is considered to be the only good and free option.

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Also, if you are interested in trying an online app or are willing to pay a bit of money then, check out these sites like UnlockRadar, Unlock Arena, and Dr. SIM because these provide a risk-free service.

The Limitations Of Unlocking

Don’t confuse unlocking with other terms like rooting. Rooting allows you to modify the basics of your OS, thus you can do stuff that was not possible out of the box. Unlocking, on the other hand, simply lets you use other carriers on carrier-locked devices. However, if your device’s hardware cannot meet the requirements of supporting another carrier, no tweaking will help you in any way.

Rooting your phone won’t unlock it, but then you can make changes to some files and use another SIM on it. However, the same problem is with Android, if the hardware is unsupported then no tweak will help you.

Jailbreaking can be done on iOS devices only and it is less effective than rooting. You can install unsigned apps and manually install apps on an iOS device after. But that won’t do much good, because there are other ways to install apps manually on iPhone.

How To Unlock a Phone With a Code

There is no universal method to have an unlock code when once you utilized it. The whole process will differ only depending on the model and make of a device you have. Well, if you do not receive any instructions with your code then, you should Google your device model and then, check out the unlock procedure. 

However, taking an example of Apple and Samsung devices. Well, Apple devices are unlocked automatically by the carrier and there is no code required. So, you only have to wait for the email or any message which confirms that your device is unlocked. After then, inserting a new SIM, you will go through a normal setup process (for iCloud and your Apple ID). In Samsung devices, you need a code itself. Also, when you insert another SIM into your device, you will get an unlock code. Just type it and your device gets to normal. 

Consider Buying Unlocked Handsets

The best way to make sure that your device stays safe for as long as you use it. It is better to grab an unlocked device. It will cost you a bit more, but it is better to stay safe than using 3rd party tools to unlock the device. Unlocked devices tend to lose signals and in most cases. If you restart the device, you have to unlock the device again. We recommend that you get an unlocked device but the choice is yours. Do let us know how you like your device, unlocked from the factory or you unlocking it yourself. Also, if you have any problems, do let us know in the comments. The steps are easy but follow them with care, otherwise, you’ll end up bricking your device.

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