How to Insert a Signature in Google Docs

Signature in Google Docs

If you are a business or sales developer (or if you do something like buying a house) then, you know well that trying and typing on e-documents is a huge pain. Also, it goes through a number of hassles like printing, scanning, faxing, and emailing. Well, most of the online providers are not proved much helpful and useful. Also, you have a choice of an enterprise including electronic signature software that has a few different sets of packages. This software works only for half time and also, jumps through a number of rounds. 

Moreover, adding a signature to a document is much more difficult and is the final step of it. If you want a signature in Google Docs to make it look more real. Well, Google Docs is easy to use and intuitive app. But, adding a signature might seem more complicated, however, there are a few methods that enable you to insert a signature in Google Docs. Also, we will mention these methods in the upcoming section.

How to Insert a Signature in Google Docs

If you want to insert a signature then, it is quite in add-in Google Docs because it has this built-in feature. Well, to sign a document electronically then, follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Open a document you want to sign in Google Docs
  2. Place the cursor where you want to add the sign
  3. Now, select the Insert button placed next to the view option
  4. Then, select a Drawing option > New
  5. In a drawing window, select Line option > Scribble
  6. Now, draw your signature with the help of the mouse or stylus
  7. When you are satisfied then, select the Save & Close option to appear on the right side 

So, your signature will appear where you once placed the cursor. 

How to Edit Your Signature in Google Docs

If your signature does not satisfy you then, you can change it too by editing it in the document. Well, to change it select the signature and then, appears Edit option select it. Also, you can make an advanced change to your signature select the three vertical dots. This button has three options too:

  • Size & Rotation: You can edit the width and height of the signature
  • Text Wrapping: You can choose whether to wrap your text around the signature or leave it on its own
  • Position: You can move your signature 

However, you can move your signature anywhere in the document and also, can erase it. You can drag it and drop it too. 

How to Sign Your Google Docs Using DocuSign

There is another way to insert a signature in Google Docs with the help of third-party tools (like DocuSign). It is an add-on to integrate electronic signatures. Before moving on, firstly install it in Google Docs and then, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Open a document in Google Docs and then, click Add-ons placed next to tools option
  2. Now, click Get-ons which will open Google Workspace Marketplace
  3. Search DocuSign in a search bar and install it. This will ask for permission to get access to a Google account, select Allow to grant it
  4. Once it is installed then follow the path; Add-ons > then, DocuSign eSignature > Sign with DocuSign
  5. If have not done this before, DocuSign will firstly ask for a free account. Now, you can add signature (via DocuSign) in Google Docs.

However, you can use this offer for free (for only three times). If want to have this again and again then, you have to pay $10 per month.

How to Insert a Signature Using Signable 

If DocuSign seems costly then, there is another alternative i.e., the Signable tool. It is considered cheaper than DocuSign and is a mobile-based electronic app that you can use to sign your documents in Google Docs and other formats (like Word and PDF). Well, to sign-in in Signable then, you have to create a signable account. Now, open the document on it and draw your signature. You can download this download and can it to another person for more collaboration if you want them to sign in too.

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How to Sign Your Google Docs Using SignRequest

Once your signature is ready, it is time to check how good it looks on Google docs. If you don’t want to do it the typical way, there are other methods as well. One of these tools is called SignRequest, which makes using a signature quite easy. But they have a free plan where you can only sign 10 documents per month, but if you pay $7 per month, you can bypass the limit.

  1. First, you need to install it as an add-on. For that, you’ll need to click on Add-on, Get Add-ons > SignRequest.
  2. Click Install to get the plugin and then click Confirm to continue.
  3. It will then ask to access your Google account, select Allow and then the app can access your account allowing you to add signatures.
  4. Now you have to create a signature that you can use. For that navigate to Add-ons > SignRequest > Create SignRequest > Create.

That’ll take you to the platform where you can create your signature. You can either write there using a digital pen, or add via an image, or you can use someone else’s signature. Though it is better to create your own since you don’t know who will be using that signature. Also, it is better to have multiple signatures so you can use them based on the level of importance.


We suggest you make your signatures manually and then add them to Google docs, that way they’ll remain secure and out of anyone’s reach. Do let us know in the comments, how often you use these signatures on your docs and how you like to use them. If there is any other great add-on that, do share it with us and we’ll add its tutorial to our guides. Though we still suggest not using a 3rd party tool for such purposes. That’s it, enjoy using signatures on your docs and making them authenticated.

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