How to Fix Voicemail Not Working On Android

Fix Voicemail android

Android devices are the most widely used devices among middle and lower-class people. These devices run on an Android operating system. These devices are easy to use and have a long battery time. It may be a smartphone, e-book, or tablet PC. If your device gets stuck while you tried to attend a call then, don’t get worried and switch off the mobile at least one time. Your messages which you can not see and your calls that you can’t attend are then transferred to voicemail so that you can deal with them later.  However, if your voicemail doesn’t work well then, there might be some error which you are required to set up or correct its settings to work them again. Well, in the upcoming section we will help you out with how to fix voicemail settings.

Check Your Voicemail Settings

If your settings are not done right then, make your to set them right so that voicemail starts working. You can check settings (via Phone app on your device). Well, this app has a slightly different appearance and depends on the android version and model. Also, this app works the same for many other devices.

However, follow the simple steps to rectify your settings error: 

  1. Open the Phone app and click the three dots icon placed on the top-right side
  2. From the list that appears, select the Settings option
  3. In your call settings menu, select the voicemail option
  4. Make sure to select a correct network carrier placed beneath Service Provider Option
  5. Select the Voicemail settings then, on this page make sure that you have selected a correct voicemail number 

So, you have corrected the settings now, you will be to receive calls and reply messages too. If it worked then, you can take a look at the additional fixes mentioned below.

Request New Voicemail Settings From Your Carrier

If nothing works for you, you can always contact your carrier and ask them for new voicemail settings. They’ll take a day or so, but you’ll eventually get your new settings. Apply those settings and still, if you have problems, call them and tell them exactly what is happening. Sometimes there are issues at the sender’s end or the carrier’s end, that can be solved by the company by resetting the settings.

Update Your Carrier’s Voicemail App

You might have a carrier-issued voicemail app installed on your device which lets you use a voicemail service but it depends on the service which you have. Well, if the carrier-issued app is not working then you are required to check the updates. App updates with new features will help you to get fixes the errors that might resolve some issues. If your voicemail gets stuck then, there might be some issue with the carrier resolved since. Also, you should check for the updates for this app from the Google Play Store. If this issue gets resolved then, you should manually update this app. 

Call Your Carrier Voicemail Inbox

Your mobiles have a voicemail number that will let you access your voicemail inbox. Well, calling on a voicemail number will tell you whether your inbox is working well and active or not. This number is always there to help you out whether struggling with the voicemail app or notifications errors on your device. You can also carriers to check your messages manually. 

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However, you are required to follow some additional steps to switch to voicemail either you are required to confirm the message before your calls are accepted or your inbox should be full to prevent other messages from being saved. Well, if you can listen to voicemail messages, attend the calls, and configure settings then, this indicates that your voicemail is working correctly and any issue with it is situated in your device. 

Use A Third-Party Voicemail App

This would not work for all the carriers then, it may be suggested to install a third-party voicemail app that will help you with the issues like interruptions having to call on your voicemail manually, to free the carrier app from any error. There are a large number of third-party apps available in the Google Play Store (Note: some of these apps may not work in your locale or some have a special voicemail service).

However, you should try out these which have a visual voicemail service (like My Visual Voicemail and Voxist). These apps have some additional features like support provision for voicemail transcription, enabling you to see your messages quickly, and so on. 

Contact Your Carrier For Support

If voicemail settings are not working yet then, there might be an issue with the service provided by the carrier. Well, at this moment, you should contact the carrier for support and alert them that there is an error that is required to be resolved from their’s end. However, if there is an issue they will call back you to further investigate and get your issue resolved. Also, they will prefer some additional support to configure the voicemail of your device. 

Staying In Contact Using Android

Voicemails are one of the best features that can save everyone’s time. But when a problem occurs, this simple stuff becomes a nuisance. You can follow our guide to solve your problem, or you can always ask the official support to get rid of problems.

Let us know how often you use voicemail and how useful it was for you. Also, which one of these solutions worked for you. In case of any queries, do let us know and our team will fit it for you.

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