How to Fix Teams Chat Not Working Issue in Windows 11

Fix Teams Chat

Microsoft Team is an app where different meetings are held and also, there is a chance of enjoyment with the loved ones. This app makes people have chats and planned meetings to do with things that are pending. There are also other things to this in this app of chatting with friends, doing tasks, and marking dates on the calendar of special events. This app helps you to enjoy yourself with friends, teammates and make plans accordingly. This app has document collaborations, secure meetings, and cloud built-in storage. Well, this app is free of cost and compatible with PC, Android, and iOS devices.

However, in Windows 11, this somehow gets stuck in one issue i.e., chat. So, there is no need to get worried because these are minor issues for this app. Also, most users are facing this issue but this app is working on it to resolve this issue. You are not the only one facing this kind of issue. Well, most people are facing this issue too. 

How to fix Teams Chat Error

Few people might be thinking that the update of Windows 11 rushed out. In Windows 10, many apps work well (like the snipping tool) and Microsoft Teams gets stuck in Windows 11. Well, if you don’t know that Microsoft Team (a system app) with a chat facility was integrated by Microsoft. Chatting provides you with an easier communication way with your friends, family, and teammates but for many users, this effect is completely opposite. 

However, the chat bar either doesn’t open up or got crashes up after a few seconds too. There are many instances behind this error which results in this error of Team App. Many users have faced an error ‘We’ve run into an issue on their Teams app windows. Well, don’t worry there are a few fixes that will help you to resolve this issue. Firstly, make sure that you have a good internet connection because without this Team’s issue can’t b resolved. Secondly, make sure that the Teams app is not experiencing an interruption of service. If this app is working well on a browser then, the app has an issue with the desktop. Well, the following are the below-mentioned fixes to resolve this issue:

Restart the App

It is considered to be one of the best fixes for many situations. Well, restarting this app will surely remove the minor errors and issues which might occur due to a corrupt file. Simply, follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the system tray and click the Teams icon, there appears a Quit icon click it
  2. Click the icon ‘Chat’ from a taskbar 

However, it will take a few seconds for a chat app to start working as the Teams app stops in the background. If this chat app starts working then, this issue is resolved. Otherwise, move on to the other fixes.

Update the App

If you are still facing issues with the chat then, make sure that the Team app is updated. Well, the latest updates help you to fix big errors. Chat is considered an extension of the Teams app which makes it work smoothly. Simply, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Go to the system tray and click the Teams icon, there appears an Open icon click it
  2. Click the icon ‘settings and more (three dots icon) from the title bar 
  3. Go to the ‘settings’ and locate ‘About Teams’ placed at the left bottom side

However, there appears that the update is pending underneath the ‘Version’. Then, update this app and check out if the issue is resolved yet or not. 

Check for Windows Updates

You need to frequently check for updates to minimize the errors faced by this app. In windows 11, these updates are much important to get installed. So, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Open the Settings app from the Start menu or you can use the windows+i shortcut key
  2. Click the Windows Update button from the navigation menu on the left side
  3. Then, click ‘check for updates’ to install the pending updates and this needs to restart your PC

However, if restarting the PC works out then, it’s good, otherwise, move to the next steps. 

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Restart the Graphics Driver

If your Teams app is still facing an error then, disabling and enabling graphics to help you to overcome this issue. Well, follow the simple steps:

  1. Right-click the Start button and select ‘Device Manager’ from the list
  2. Then, choose ‘display adaptors’ and from the list, select ‘Intel Graphic Card’ 
  3. Now, disable this device by selecting ‘Disable device’
  4. Then, click ‘Enable device’ from the menu which lets the driver get restarted

So, check out whether this issue is resolved or not by doing this act or not.

Delete the App’s Cache

If the above-mentioned fixes are not worked out then, deleting the app’s cache might resolve this issue. Well, follow the simple steps:

  1. Go to the search option, type %appdata%, and open it
  2. Open the File Explorer, type %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams in the search bar, and press Enter
  3. Now, delete the folders i.e., blob_storage, Cache, databases, GPUCache, Local Storage, and tmp

So, check out chat starts working or not. 

Reinstall the App

If nothing worked out then, this is the last option and follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Open settings and locate Apps option placed on the left side 
  2. Go to the installed apps from the given list and search Teams App in a search bar
  3. Now, click the three dots option and select Uninstall 
  4. A prompt will appear, confirm your action, and the apps get uninstalled 

However, to reinstall this app > go to the download page > then, install the Teams app.

Fix Teams Chat

There you have it, all the fixed related to the Teams chat, still, if you have some problems you better move to another platform. One more thing you can try is to create a guest account and use teams chat from there, that might solve this problem as well. Let us know in the comments section how you manage to get rid of this problem.

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