How to Earn and Use Channel Points on Twitch

Channel Points on Twitch

Twitch is the biggest streaming platform and there is no doubt about it. Millions of streamers are there sharing their daily life, video gameplays, life hack, and much more. Despite many other companies and platforms trying to go above Twitch, this streaming platform is users’ favorite. The best attempt was made by Microsoft when they paid millions to Shroud and Ninja to switch to their gaming platform. Instead, they both got the money and in a short time, they came back to twitch again. In 2019, Twitch created its own “points system” and in this article, we’ll show you how you can earn and use channel points on Twitch.

What are Twitch Channel Points?

Channel Points on Twitch

A streamer can provide its viewers with points and tell them to come back for more. Viewers can earn channel points by watching the stream, following a streamer, or participating in any activity given by the streamer. You can even earn these points by raiding a streamer’s channel or gifting them to subscribers. However, you can only use these points on Twitch, don’t expect to encash them or use them to purchase anything outside Twitch.

But in one way they are quite useful, you can get lots of subs or increase your channel activity. Thus, you can go into the trending zone and every newcomer will see your channel on the top of their list. Raiding your channel can also increase your subscribers and the value of your channel. Once you have enough subs, you can reach a sponsor and see if they can help you. 

How to Know the Streamer Has Enabled Channel Points

The following are the simple and easy steps:

  1. Launch a Twitch app and open a stream. Click the ‘Expand’ at the top-right side of a stream to open a stream chat.
  2. Look at the bottom of the stream-chat to locate a coin-like animation ‘Channel buttons’  with ‘0’ next to it and click it. Well, this button can be called anything other than a coin – depending on the customization of a streamer. It works the same.

However, if the streamer has disabled rewards then, you can’t earn channel points on this stream. Hit ‘Got it!’ either to watch the stream or exit it. Well, if you see a list of rewards after clicking the ‘Channel buttons’ then, the streamer has enabled your points. 

How to Earn Channel Points

To know about earning the points then, scroll to an end of a tray of boxes and search ‘How to Earn Channel Points’ simply, click it. As these normally are Twitch defaults which might allow or not allow customizations to a streamer. Well, these mostly are the same on every channel. Now, you are able to view a list of ways to earn channel points with values mentioned with it. 

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How to Use Channel Points on Twitch App

When earning an adequate amount of channel points by watching a stream on regular basis, maintaining a streak, cheering up your favorite streamers, subscribing and following them, and so on. Then, you have a list of rewards having a range of values mentioned with it which offers you different rates of the channel points.

  • Rewards & Challenges

The best and fastest way to earn these points is via participating in challenges. Every streamer will provide you with a different challenge and every challenge will give you different points. But for that, you need to follow someone who has points to give, try to see a stream of famous players as they’ll have more points than others. Once you are on their stream watch out for any timer or when they announce the challenge. Complete the challenge and you’ll earn points. Then you have the power to use those points however you want.

The best thing is to get subscribers using these points since subs will lead to views and more views will lead to more money. And we all know that every streamer out there wants money.

  • Channel Predictions

Streamers are interested to have more viewer traction and participation. Well, you can have this chance only when you have more channel points. You can earn more points when the prediction is closed. These predictions might be related to a game or a theme by which both streamer and audience are quite familiar so on. Well, if you are interested to see the prediction (via more channel points), go for it. Now, expand the stream chat and click the purple button ‘Predict’ at the top of it. 

Learn ‘Channel Points’ (CP) Terminology

Well, not every streamer will offer you the same, but the rate is fixed so they have no other option. You have to check which challenge provides how many coins so you won’t waste your efforts on any other challenge. You’ll see stuff like ‘Follow this channel’, ‘Claim your bonus’, ‘Watch for 5 mins’, and that gets confusing if you are new. So here are the terminologies that you should know before you start earning coins.

  • Follow/Follow this Channel – 300 CP
  • Claim special bonus – 50 CP
  • Watch a stream – 10 CP every 5 mins
  • Participate in a Raid – 250 CP
  • Gift 1st sub – 500 CP
  • Monthly 1st Cheer – 350 CP

If you want you can also watch a streak to earn different points.

  • Watch streak 2 – 300 CP
  • Watch streak 3 – 350 CP
  • Watch streak 4 – 400 CP
  • Watch streak 5 and above – 450 CP


Twitch is no doubt the best platform if you want to start your streaming career. And with the arrival of new stuff Twitch never gets to amaze us. At the start, these points were of no value, but once people realized they can use it for the greater good, the value of twitch points increased. The best part is that you can get subs from these points which helps you get popular and thus you can start earning money from this. If you have any other queries related to this, let us know in the comments. Otherwise, go to twitch and start earning some money.

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