How to Sell NFTs on OpenSea

Sell NFTs

OpenSea is considered the most accessible and most well-known platform in the whole market. It has got the biggest existence in the market. The reason behind this is that there is almost $13.25 billion of the total trade volume which is considered the highest of any other platform in the market. Well, if are new in this market or a regular user, OpenSea is considered the best platform than others to sell NFTs safe and secure.

However, this market has all kinds of NFTs stuff (i.e., from digital to art-related things, GIFs, videos, in-game items, virtual worlds, domain names, and so on). As there are a number of options where you can sell your stuff as a seller. It is considered the best market because it offers the cheapest rates and hence, the best platform where your NFTs are sold out at a cheaper cost. It supports multiple blockchains (like Ethereum, Polygon & Klatyn). 

Moreover, Ethereum blockchain provides huge options to its sellers and they don’t have to pay a gas fee. If you are interested to sell NFTs on Ethereum then, OpenSea is considered to be the first best choice because of its accessibility factor. Yet, it is much more productive but it makes a way of its own. 

Sell NFTs on OpenSea

If you are interested in selling NFTs on OpenSea then, there might be two scenarios. Either you can sell your own NFTs which you planned to sell (i.e., NFT bought earlier or mined from elsewhere but didn’t sell it). So, you still have a choice between the two. Well, another scenario is you are interested to create it first then, selling that NFT on an OpenSea.

Moreover, there exist multiple blockchains on an OpenSea which will make you think on which blockchain you are interested to sell your NFT. So, we will further tell you in the article which blockchain is best suited for this NFT. 

Creating a Wallet on MetaMask


MetaMask is a well-known crypto wallet and is a passage to blockchain apps. Well, it has a browser extension and mobile apps too (for Android & Apple devices both). So, the following are the steps: 

  1. Go to the and press the download icon
  2. Select Install Metamask for Chrome, and when downloaded open it
  3. Now, select Add to Chrome option
  4. A confirmation prompt will appear then, click Add extension option
  5. Now, its extended view will open then, click Get Started 
  6. Click the option Create a wallet 
  7. Privacy policies might opens then, click a button I Agree
  8. Now, create a strong password for your wallet simply, click Create option

Moreover, this wallet will provide you with a backup phrase (12 words), and this phrase is considered most important than the password. If you forget this seed phrase then, you are unable to open the wallet. All your tokens and NFTs will be then lost too. For this, you have to write this seed phrase in more than one place and don’t share this with any other person. Once, you have written your seed phrase then, complete the rest of the formalities on a screen. Finally, your wallet is created.

Connect your Wallet to OpenSea

Connect Wallet

Now, you have to connect your wallet to an OpenSea and make your own account to sell your NFTs in the largest marketplace. So, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to, click the Profile button placed at the top-right, and select Profile from the given options
  2. A screen will appear ‘Connecting your wallet’ now, select MetaMask
  3. On the top right side, a small window will appear now, click the checkbox and press Next
  4. A permission request will appear (which allows OpenSea to access your wallet address), click Connect to proceed further. So, your walled is connected and OpenSea has been created by the ‘Unnamed’ default name. Other users will identify you (via wallet address) or you can change the name too. 
  5. Click a Settings icon to change your profile details
  6. A security prompt will appear on a window simply, click Sign-in to approve this.
  7. Now, enter your details (like name, address, and so on). When you are all done then, click a Save button

Hence, you are all set now and are allowed to sell your NFTs on OpenSea.

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Creating an NFT on Ethereum on OpenSea

Creating an NFT

You can start creating NFT by opening your profile. Your entire collection will be there, but you can always create new NFTs on OpenSea to sell.

  1. Open My Collection from your Profile and choose to Create a Collection.
  2. Add a logo image to start, that image will represent your NFT, so choose the one you really want to sell.
  3. In the next step, choose the royalty fee, the max percentage on OpenSea is 10%. Other platforms might offer more but OpenSea is secure and pays you the exact amount.
  4. Once the fee is set, click on Create Collection to proceed.
  5. The next step is to finish creating the NFT on OpenSee. You’ll see the Create button on the top right corner, click that and it will open the page for creating an NFT.
  6. Upload the file to mint that you want to sell as NFT. The maximum uploading size is 100MB, so you can choose large images, videos, etc.
  7. Enter the title along with all the other details like description or external links. Even though the description is not necessary, it can help lure in a buyer easily.
  8. Scroll down and customize your NFT as you like, add properties, levels, and stats to make your NFT compelling.
  9. Add an Unlockable Content button, if you want the buyer to get something extra along the NFT.
  10. The blockchain is Etheruim, so don’t bother changing it.
  11. Now click the Create button and your NFT is created and up for listing.

Selling an NFT on Ethereum

  1. Creating an NFT and selling the NFT both have the same procedure. To begin with, click on your Profile. The face icon on the top right corner is the profile icon, click on it.
  2. Your profile will show all the NFTs you have in your wallet or the one you created on OpenSea.
  3. The public-facing asset of your profile will open, tap the Sell button on the top right corner.
  4. The listing price will open and you can share and add extra details of that NFT. You have the option to either sell it at a fixed price or put it for auction. You can even choose the time for auctioning.

Also, You can list an NFT for 6 months at max in fixed selling price.

There are 2 types of auctions: 

  • Sell it to the highest bidder (English)
  • Sell it to the declining price (Dutch)

Then you can decide whether you want to sell in a bundle or just one NFT. If the owner sets up the royalty fee, you can ask for a 10% fee on every sale. There will always be a 2.5% fee so be ready to pay some money.

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