How to Restore Google Search Bar Widget Missing on Android

Restore Google Search Bar

Almost all people love to have smartphones and they are lovers of Android devices. People love these devices because of their battery timings, features, designs, and so on. These devices are getting more advanced day by day. Well, these devices have one of the best productivity features like the use of widgets that enable you to access the app that you installed directly from the home screen. The most commonly used widget is the Google Search Bar. It is basically located on the main home screen.  However, if by chance you lost it then, there are a few ways to restore Google search bar widget. The following are the below-mentioned ways: 

How to Restore the Google Search Bar Widget

Google Search Bar enables you to search anything directly from the home page. If you think this bar is lost or deleted by mistake then, there is a way to bring this widget back. Simply, you have to follow the following simple and easy steps:

  1. Go to the Home screen of your smartphone
  2. Click on an empty space, tap and hold it
  3. There appears an edit mode, select the Widgets option on the lower left bottom of the screen 
  4. Scroll down the lists of the widgets until you find the Google Search bar
  5. When you find it simply select it. 

However, this will restore back the Google Search bar on the Home screen and you can drag it anywhere within the screen.

How to Bring Back the Google Search Bar with Google App

If you don’t Google Search Bar not only on the home screen but also, in the widgets as well. Then, you might have lost or deleted the Google search bar from your device. For this, you have to re-install the Google app from the Play store for your smartphone. Simply, open the play store > search Google app > install it which will take only a few minutes if you have a good internet connection. 

However, when it is being installed then, the Google Search bar will appear in the edit mode of the Home screen. To get this back on your home screen you simply have to follow this scenario i.e., Home Screen > Widgets > Google Search Bar. By doing this, the Google Search bar appears on the screen of your smartphone.

How to Add the Google Search Bar Using Chrome

If you are a fan of Google Chrome’s browser then, there should be placed Search bar instead of a Google Search bar widget. Both of these have the same duties but this helps you to reach your results directly. Well, if you want to add a Chrome Search bar then, you must be sure that you have first installed this app from the Play Store on your device. Simply, you have to follow the simple steps Home Screen > Widgets > Google Chrome Search. When you find Chrome search click it and it automatically appears on the Home screen of your device.

How to Customize Your Google Search Bar Widget 

Customization allows you to use your apps much faster and easier than the stock version. You can set up the app however you want and access it however you like. Though there are some limitations that might not let you do exactly what you want, still it will be enough to increase your workflow. The stock Google search bar widget has nothing special, it just lays off on your mobile screen. But if you customize it the way we’ll tell you, surely, you can bring life to it in no time.

Switch the Google Doodles On and Off

With the help of these doodles, you can play mini-fun games on the search bar. While you might find them annoying, they are a great way to kill time between tasks. The best part is that you can easily enable and disable them. The annoying this is that the doodles will appear randomly at your search bar and at your home screen. To enable or disable them, do the following:

  1. Open Google app.
  2. Navigate to More.
  3. Then look for General options.
  4. Scroll down and locate Doodle on Search Widget.
  5. Toggle the button to enable or disable the option.

Customize the Search Bar Widget

Apart from adding games to your search bar widget, you can customize its looks and shape, and other stuff. You can even change the Google logo if you want, though you can’t change the words, which I always wanted. I would love to change Google to Koogle, or Loogle, but meh can’t do it for now. The way to customize the widget is the same. Open Google settings or app, then tap on More. You’ll see the customize Widget option right on the main screen.

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Change it however you want and you’ll see the results in real-time. You can always revert back to original settings by resetting your Google app or Search bar.

Use Nova Launcher to Customize Google Search Bar Further

If you are looking for extreme-level customization, then a third-party launcher can help you more. There are a dozen of Android launcher that offers brilliant customization. But we’ll use Nova Launcher since it is the top-rated Android launcher. Once you installed the Nova Launcher, you don’t have to visit the apps to customize it. Instead, you need to tap and hold on to the widget and choose the Edit option. In that edit window, you can change the bar style, how the logo should look. You can even change the color and how the text should look inside the search bar.

Do You Actually Need the Google Search Bar Widget?

I am not a huge fan of widgets, there was a time when I loved to customize everything but now I like things simple and minimalistic. So, for me, personally, a widget is just another showoff that is taking space and making my home screen look dirty.  However, for people who always need Google, a widget can save time. They don’t have to open Chrome every time they want to search for something. But if you are someone, who rarely uses google on mobile, then you really don’t need such a widget.

How frequently do you use Google for answers? Whether you’ll prefer a Google widget on your home screen? How do you like your home screen to be: full of apps clusters or clean and simple? Share your thoughts with us and do let us know if this article was any help for you or not.

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