How To Fix No Sound Issue On YouTube

Fix No Sound Issue YouTube

YouTube is the most well-known online streaming service where one can watch movies, listen to songs and news as well. People love to use and enjoy this app because its graphics are amazing and movies can be downloaded easily. Its working speed is quite impressive and people do not get tired of using this app again and again. Well, YouTube and sound have a close relationship among themselves. Without sound, Youtube is something that is useless to enjoy. This app works more efficiently but sometimes there occurs an error regarding sound. There are some fixes that can be used to fix no sound issue on Youtube. 

However, when there is a chance of an error then, there might be an issue with your system or your web browser. By rectifying these fixes, the sound of this app might come back, and the following are these fixes:

Ensure Your Volume Is Not Turned Off

This is considered the most important fixation because most of the users might accidentally turn off the volume which means there is no sound on your PC. You might be sure that your PC’s volume is turned on so that sound should be audible to you all the time. Otherwise, there will be no sound on other apps too (like YouTube). Well, to fix this issue, you simply have to look for the ‘mute’ button on a keyboard. So, press this button which will be then unmuted. If this button doesn’t work then, press the ‘Volume Increase’ button which will automatically unmute the volume too. 

Make Sure You Haven’t Muted The Video

The other thing which most people usually forget about. While watching a video on YouTube people sometimes mute the voice of that video. This kept off until you don’t turn it on. Well, to fix this issue you simply have to open that video page and their appears speaker icon. You have to click this icon once and the volume will be automatically turned on. If this doesn’t work, there is an M button on a keyboard simply, press this button and the volume will get unmuted. 

Use An Incognito Window To Fix No Sound On YouTube

Audio and sound error sometimes occur due to the system configuration. Well, there is sometimes a browser issue i.e., cache files which sometimes are the main cause of a disabling volume system. Resolving this issue is quite simple and for this, you simply have to open an incognito window that will fix this issue. Well, you have to open Google Chrome and click on the top-right side three-dots available. Now, select ‘new incognito window’ and then, open YouTube and enjoy your video. However, if you are a Firefox user, click on the top-right three horizontal lines. Then, select a ‘New Private Window’ and play & enjoy your video. 

Use Another Web Browser On Your Computer

If a new incognito window does not resolve your YouTube issue then, you should try another browser that might resolve this issue. Sometimes, browsers face some issues themselves. If your Chrome is facing some issues then, go for a Firefox option. It works well then, there might be some issue with the Chrome browser. Another issue might be the up-gradation of the browser or your browser might have to be get updated which results in making your YouTube app work properly without a sound error.

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Increase Volume In Volume Mixer

Sometimes, you try to listen to one app while wanting to lower the volume of other apps. In that case, you rely on the Volume mixer in Window settings. In any case, if you ever lowered the Browser volume in Volume Mixer? The audio will remain low even if you increase it to the max in a universal volume slider. The only option is to open the Volume mixer and turn up the volume there. To do this, follow below:

  1. Right-click on the Volume icon in the notification tray.
  2. Click on the Volume mixer and see if the browser volume is low there or not.
  3. If it is low, then increase it, if not then follow the next step.

Fix No Sound On YouTube By Updating The Audio Drivers

Since we are all using Youtube on Chrome, there are chances that Chrome got updated and is not supporting your Audio drivers. Thus the only option you are left with is to update your audio drivers. You can let Windows do it for you, or you can do it manually. There are two ways to do this, so let’s discuss both of them and see which one worked for you.

From Device Manager:

  1. Press Windows + X and choose Device Manager.
  2. The very first option will be Audio Input and Output.
  3. Expand that and 2-3 options, right-click each of them one-by-one, and choose Update driver.
  4. If there is an update available, your system will download and install it.

From Windows Update:

  1. The second way is to update via Windows update.
  2. You’ll need to access the optional updates, in order to fix this.
  3. Press Windows + I and choose Windows Update in the settings.
  4. Click on Check for updates and see if there is any update available.
  5. If not, then click on Advanced options and choose Optional updates, you’ll surely find an Audio update there.
  6. Choose all the optional Updates and click Download and Install.
  7. Restart the PC afterward for the changes to take effect.

Use Audio Troubleshooter To Fix No Sound On YouTube

The final attempt to fix anything is to troubleshoot it. Troubleshooting checks for all the problems related to software or hardware and fixes it automatically. In some cases, where it can’t solve it, it will simply tell you the solution of it. Or at least the problem is displayed in the front. That way you can search for solutions online.

To use the Audio troubleshooter, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Settings, you can do that by pressing Windows + I key combo
  2. Choose System from the left side and then choose Sound from the right side.
  3. If you are using Windows 11, then you’ll find troubleshooting options in the sound settings.
  4. If you are using Windows 10, then you’ll find troubleshooting options in Update and Security.
  5. In Windows 11, you get to choose whether you want to fix Input or Output devices. In windows 10, the troubleshooter will check and fix both of them.
  6. Run the Troubleshooter and wait for the results, if it asks for some fixes, click Yes to fix the Youtube sound problem.

So, Did You Get It Fixed?

Solving the sound problem in Windows is easy, so if you ever experience this problem, follow our guide. Moreover, always check what you did before the problem starts occurring, revert the settings to solve the problem. If none of these solutions work, try using another app like VLC to check whether the sound problem occurs system-wide or not. If it is system-wide, take your laptop to a nearby service shop or change the sound card on your PC.

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