Best Sites to Read Manga Online for Free

Read Manga Online

Manga and Anime websites sure have taken over the world as we get to see an increase in their demand daily. Recently, the release of Attack on Titan crashed the Crunchyroll servers as too many people start visiting that website. The same happens when a famous manga gets a new chapter and people rush to read it. But our concern here is not the servers of the manga websites but where you can read manga online for free.

Since Mangas are subject to copyright those who upload mangas have to pay the royalty fee. Thus they charge their customers a specific amount to read the mangas they pay to get. Though this does not apply to every manga series out there, most famous ones are always paid. Like how Bleach was removed from most websites and its anime stop airing everywhere because of copyright issues, however, it is back now and people are loving it. So, if you are interested in reading mangas for free, here is the list of best websites to do so.


Read Manga Online

This is a well-known anime streaming site where a large number of books & series are placed and many people love to read them. This also provides easy access to multiple series of manga to their users. It also has a premium membership offer which allows its users to read and enjoy hour-based animated episodes (including manga titles decent selection). This is considered a great site having an ad-free experience and makes this site more interesting when it hosts the series in which its users are interested. 

Manga Kakalot

This site is considered one of the best sites. The people who are fond of reading or watching series then this is a bit more advanced site having a large variety of serials and series (based on episodes). It basically hosts a series of manga having 40 diverse genres. This site has a number of most popular series, mostly a number of lesser-known ones (which most of their users are unaware of that series). Well, every chapter of the manga series is uploaded on their browser. You only need to scroll down to read an episode of the serial. There is also an option of an image server so you can choose it of your choice.  


This is considered a great site where you can read romance manga online and it hosts manga romance of English language (including all types like shojo, erotica, boys love, and Harlequin). It also provides a good translation team and also offers an entire list of titles. There is also a purchasing option that is a bit different and you can also rent a title too (either for 48 hours or for unlimited time). Also, you can upgrade the 48-hour rental to an unlimited one. The buying points option is considered reliable for this site as it occasionally offers discounts on Renta.

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Manga Reborn

This is also a good option for watching and reading pictorial manga series online and this site also has a translation of languages to English subtitles. This provides their users with a large number of animated series that they love to read and enjoy. This site also provides a huge number of free online series or even paid serials too. The main purpose of this site is to make their series more interesting and hence, to be promoted or seen by a large audience. This site is considered to be a great option for manga lovers and also ensures their artists who want their work to be appreciated by the audience acquire a chance to get promoted.


Read Manga Online

This is a web service that has a variety of manga romantic series online for free. Its library is updated every day and its digital collection of series is expanding fastly. It also has options for every kind of budget. Well, there are 3 options to enjoy this site i.e., free (you can only read), ticket (you have to become a member of this club to enjoy the romantic series), and coin (you need to buy a coin to watch or read more mature content). It also provides a variety of genres but its interest is more towards romance-related mangas (having mature and explicit combinations). 

Book Walker

This is a global ebook store and also, is an online manga comic reading site where you can enjoy and read light novels. This online store is divided into some categories like new releases, award-winning titles, simulpub (published in English subtitles) of new serial-based chapters, and so on. It also provides free titles (which are then placed in your booklist) so you can be able to read in an ebook form. It also offers steep discounts on various titles of manga series. And it is considered a great place to purchase manga as well. So, you can easily enjoy and read these manga titles. 

Kiss Manga

This is also a platform for watching and reading online manga series. And has an original digital source for all kinds of free manga serials having a large number of contents. It is considered the best site where you can find manga of your choice by simply searching it on its site. You can also visit the most famous series which most people are reading. Well, each series provides its details on its front page so you can also read it without refreshing it many times. Their scanning system is of high quality so you can easily find serials with English subtitles too


This is also considered the best site for watching and reading comic-based manga series online with multiple titles in its catalog. It also provides daily updates on its site and its service is 100% free of cost. There are a large number of animated series that dedicated readers can enjoy. Those who follow the serialized titles will love to watch these episodes. On this site, you can share this platform experience with your friends and colleagues.

How to Navigate on these Manga sites:

  1. Usually, the website has instructions on navigation. But still, if you can’t find one, here is the universal way you can navigate on any manga website.
  2. You can use the right and left arrow keys to change the page of the manga chapter.
  3. Use the up and down arrow keys to move the page up and down. Which happens when the entire chapter is available on a single page.

What To Do If You Can’t Access A Manga Site?

Some manga sites are down because the authorities took legal action against them. The reason why we gave you more than one website. So if you can’t find one that is working, switch to the next one. There is nothing you can do if the website is down. Since you can’t access it and can’t report it either. The best you can do is to check another website and see if that is working or not.

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While mangas are not free to purchase or read, at least not all of them. You can still read them for free on these websites. You might get a warm welcome from the plethora of ads. That won’t go away even if you use an AdBlock. But, you get to read free mangas, that’ll usually cost you around $40-50. I think it is a fair trade to endure some ads. Moreover, you can read any sort of mangas here without any restrictions. Except that you have to click one more link to unlock the 18+ explicit mangas. So, there you have it, the best sites to read manga for free. Choose one or choose them all, your choice.

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