Best Sites To Identify A Phone Number

Phone number consists of some digits which let you call your loved ones. But, when an unknown number calls you it looks quite terrible and if you want to know which person has called you then, there are some sources which might show you the details about that person (i.e., their location and name). If you receive a call from an unknown number and you want to know who the person called you. Well, all the devices hold a tiny SIM card that stores every detail of phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and contact images. 

However, if an unknown person is trying to call you and you want to know the details of that person then, the following below-mentioned sites will help you out to identify the caller in the upcoming section.

The Limits of an Online Phone Number Search

There are several tools that help you to recognize and identify the registration details of a phone number. Well, there are certain following limitations registration details of any phone number:

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  • If the number is added to the National Do Not Call Registry or eradicated from any other site (like WhitePages) then, it might be difficult to identify the details of the number. 
  • It is impossible to identify the number for free and many ‘free services’ will try to provide you with their facilities from elsewhere.
  • Some countries have made strict restrictions related to the identification of the details of any person.
  • The phone number might get changed or their owner might change so you can’t fully depend on online details.

Keeping these limitations in mind, let’s go ahead to find out the best sites to identify the phone number:

Best Sites To Identify A Phone Number

Most people are looking for search engines (like Google, Bing) for the identification of unknown numbers but sites are doing their best job regarding this task. These sites make it easier to know the details of an unknown number who called you.

However, the following are the sites to trace out the details of an unknown number: 


Google helps you to identify a phone number effortlessly. This is a quick, easy, and completely free process. It will help you trace the number with every last detail (i.e., location and owner of a number). This site will provide you with the details if there is no restriction on accessing the mobile number of unknown numbers. To find the number’s details simply type the number with its code on a search bar. The results will appear on the screen.


This is the most well-known and established site which is used widely in North America to trace the number’s details and location. To find out the details simply write the number in the search bar of the phone field and press enter. If there does not appear any detail then, it will just give you a location and spam. This site also offers subscription packages to its users in the US which will provide them with additional details (like phone numbers & address history). 


WhoCallsMe site works internationally but mainly in North America and helps you to find out the details of an unknown number including the location or any other reports which might be collected from other users. To find the number’s detail simply enter the number in the search bar and press enter.


Identify A Phone Number

Searchbug site also operates in North America and quickly helps you find out the location of unknown numbers. For additional information, this site might charge some costs or maybe you can find its details online. This site does not waste your time and helps you find the details in a second. 


Identify A Phone Number

NumberVille site works internationally (task similar to the searchbug site). It helps you find out the details of an unknown number more easily and it works free of cost. This site provides you with the past and current addresses linked to that unknown number. This site is considered more up-to-date than other respective sites (like SkyDialer & ReversePhoneLookup). Make sure to use VPN if you want to be anonymous while finding out the details. 

Search Phone Numbers Easily

A phone number can reveal a lot about you, your location, your address, your family, etc. Since a phone number is registered with your national ID, anyone who can access your phone number can also access your details. Most of the time, people receive a call from an unknown number and they don’t pick up. There are good chances that the person calling from an unknown number is someone close to you. Sometimes, someone gets a new number and they call to tell everyone else, but no one picks up the call. In such cases, it is better to have something with you that can tell about the owner of that number.

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There are multiple apps and websites that store such information. While websites will only provide you with a little detail about it, the apps can do way deeper. All the apps that access your contact list can tell their developer about the number and the owner. The True Caller app was one of the best apps to do so, but it stopped working a long time ago. You can also ask your carrier service to unlock this feature for you, but that’ll cost you some fortune. So, feel free to use these websites and get the job done.

Final Thoughts

It is okay to let companies know about your phone details as long as the details are limited to you. If they start telling others about your family and friends, then the real problem begins. The websites we mentioned above only share your name and details with the other person. They won’t disclose anything personal about you that might cause you problems in the future. So, will you ever use these websites to find who is calling you? Or you’ll simply pick up the call and ask that person. Do let us know in the comments below.

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